Yes I'm back, and here is a fresh podcast for ya!!! No cookong, or anything like that, just 24 talk, and some good rumors!! Here is some links related to the podcast, and a couple time didnt permit in... Articles, and info about the Palmers... http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr/television/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1002840081 http://www.moviehole.net/gossipmonkey/20060222_gossip_monkey_with_the_latest.html http://comingsoon.net/news/tvnews.php?id=15528 24 and the burger... someone expand on this and make audio abou t and i will put it in a podcast!! Is this real? Jeremy's comments on RSS abuse Link to the new 24 Spoilers source Hope this holds you guys over ... more 24 podcasting for ya when I get more info!!! Remember to call, email, or text me (see below)!!! and oh yehh heres the show..


New podcast session coming... REALLY!! In the meantime...

A new way to communicate with the show!! its free...

and yes it does go directly to my phone!!! :) New session soon.... UPDATE: The first few hours this texting thing was up, it didnt work.. also if you want me to know whoit is sending a message, you gotta leave a name or number...


New 24 Insider Board! ?

Well i am keeping them both bookmarked, and I am keeping to the deal(terms) i struck with Elliot. Here is the new link It already has some news there... I wont disclose it here... cause it MIGHT be a spoiler... Have Fun!!!



Go here... make a podcast... submit it... F'in A! Listen to the promo!! And in other news.... There is some drama going on over at the 24 Insider Boards. Apparently they recieved a cease and desist, but not really.. but the powers that be have changed, but they are going to fix it.... whatever!! The boards will be back up soon. So dont worry, be happy.


Hey, I'm Back.. and theres plenty to talk about!!

So I will have a fresh podcast for ya, this weekend sometime. Plenty things to talk about the nominations, some casting news and a REALLY strange rumor about Wayne Palmer. So to be completely in the clear here... I get most of my spoiler information from The 24 Insider Message Boards. The good news is they have opened up thier registration, and if you fancy go sign up! More later... Joe Hey maybe you want to nominate me for an award? maybe? I think i fit in to the Movie/Films Category best....


The Nominiees are in....

And winner for best supporting actor in a drama.... Also congrats to Jena Smart on her nomination. Of course 24 was nominated for best drama series. And wouldnt we all just die if Kiefer himself wasnt nominated for outstanding actor. My predictions... Greg has it locked, Jean is a maybe, Kiefer wont win.