A lil Somethin sumthin' for my friends

Some 'friends of mine' have finally launched thier new site! Here is a linky link... show them some love... Thanks, Joe


Season 6 Promo Photo

I know I'm a little late on these, but here they are... I been real real busy. Here are more images..... Thanks Jarod!


Doing a little bit of promo for some freinds...

Yes there is a new show everyone should listen to.. Uncalled For Radio its already on iTunes!!! Its a Talk Radio show thats f'im hillarious!! They have temp website up.. nothing much to it, but subscribe its free... and funny as hell... They'll soon start taking live calls and all!! Thanks a bunch guys!!


C'Mon, do i have to even ask?

David Palmer for the win... no doubts, no arguments, just go with it, and now go vote!