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Season 5 DVD giveaway!! In order to get this, you have to listen LIVE to Uncalled For Radio this Saturday Dec 9th. I tried my best to get these DVD's before they were released, but as many of you can guess I'm not so popular with some Fox people! Prequel... The prequel shows Jack in a Chinese prison being tortured while Cheng Zhe watches. They are trying to extract information out of him about a double agent in their outfit but Jack hasn't said a word for seven months. After an unsuccessful interrogation, Cheng sends Jack back to his cell. Then an American rescue attempt takes place. Two commandos break Jack out and shoot their way to a very conveniently and cornily placed Toyota. A car chase ensues. Jack and Co. shake their tale. They meet up with a Chinese man named Hong. The commandos say while walking towards the man, "This is Hong, our man on the inside, Mr. Bauer, do you remember him?" Jack nods and then guard lights turn on. Chinese military make their presence known and Cheng Zhe appears. He thanks Jack for identifying their double agent and executes Hong before sending Jack back to prison. Source - 24 Season 5 DVD Question and answer session with CZAR from 24 Community Spoiler Boards 1. Naming the returning character(s), under what circumstances do they die (or exit the show) during the premiere? The season premiere is not like last years. No recurring character from any previous season will die in the opening hour. The first two episodes just basically set up the story. 2. Jack goes willingly to the fence "die for something". What are the details of what Jack finds out while being held by Fayed that cause him to change his mind? Before day 6 began, a terrorist named Abu Fayed began unleashing a wave of terror attacks on America. Fayed demands that Jack Bauer be handed over to him. Jack believes that in being handed over to Fayed his death will mean something because Fayed promises to reveal the location of the terror mastermind behind the attacks on America. Fayed and Jack come face to face as Jack is now his prisoner. Fayed reveals that Jack killed his brother several years ago and that Assad, the man who is supposedly behind the attacks is in fact an enemy of Fayed’s. Once Jack learns this he realizes his death will be for nothing and he eventually escapes and he rushes to save Assad. 3. Who or what leads Jack toward identifying Graham as one of the conspirators? Graham is not in the season premiere. 4. What's the cliffhanger at the end of the premiere? There isn’t really a cliffhanger. The episode ends with Jack and Assad teaming up to stop a terrorist attack. 5. What are the details of the trade for both sides that end in Cheng's statement that Jack is no longer China's enemy? President Wayne Palmer is forced to negotiate with Chinese officials and the U.S. hands over valuable intelligence and possibly other concessions which are unknown to us. The details of the trade aren’t really fully dealt with – The story quickly moves on to bigger and better things. 6. In your opinion, what is the most significant thing that is unknown to the masses? Pretty much everything about the premiere is already known. The only significant twist of the episode is that Assad is not the terrorist mastermind behind all of the attacks, that’s seriously as good as it gets when it comes to a “significant thing”. 7. When Jack determines that he will be dying for "nothing" and escapes, who is he able to convey that information to and will some people believe that he didn't keep his end of the "sacrifice"? Who does Jack call? I have no idea. I stick to the major events nowadays. 8. Who is Assad, what's he doing and is he being targeted by his own people as Jack is by his? Pretty much nothing deep is revealed about him in the premiere. Fayed wants him dead. Jack and Assad team up and try to stop a terrorist attack. That’s about it. 9. Who/what are the elements of Jack's family introduced in the premiere? The only member of the Bauer family tree in the premiere is Jack Bauer. 10. Why is the Harry Lennix/Waleed character being detained? He is working with Wayne Palmer's sister at a business office. He doesn’t want the feds to access information on some of the company’s employees. Feds detain him and the President’s sister. Who or what he's trying to protect is not fully revealed in the premiere.