Big News tonight!!

Listen live to the podcast tonight (or tomorrow on the podcast if you can't) for big news about the site and the podcast. We are still talking about 24 as normal and some news that came up about the new season. So this is what we call a tease, please tune in tonight to hear the BIG news about the site, and remember to call in at 310.929.7524 to interact with the show!


And the Spoilers are back!!!

Nothing to huge, but spoilers none the less!! have fun!!! Direct Mp3 Link (right click and save)
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2nd Live show, 2nd Session of Season 6

Look for the suprise on iTunes!! Real quick live podcast after the Season Premiere of 24... Direct Mp3 Link (right click and save)
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After the show we talk about it...

The first live show.... I LOVE DOING THIS SHOW!!! Direct Mp3 Link (right click and save)
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Fangasm, The Live show.. and Fangasm!

UPDATE: Sorry East Coast guys, this is all PST... So starting 8pm PST on Sunday the 14th and Monday the 15th!!! So heres the deal, I been talking up this LIVE show like crazy, and I set up a SkypeCast for it. I been playing with the SkypeCast system, and well... HATE IT! A bunch of horrible people usually crash it, and at times even hack it... So after a major breakthrough and a SUPER COOL GUY named Jon who has a great site that if I ever find my writing voice will be writing for... We setup REAL-TIME HONEST TO GOODNESS LIVE INTERNET RADIO!!! There will be several shows hosted from it eventually. The first will be the 24 LIVE Podcast, This Sunday. during and after the 2-2 Hour premieres of 24! on Jan. 14th and 15th! Thats right DURING the show will be live, we maybe a bit silent during the show, but we will be live!! And talking plenty during the commercials. Please join us for this HUGE INTERNET EVENT!!! And one of the most exciting thngs about this is we will be taking LIVE CALLS, through Skype, and at 310 929 7524. Now this is going to make 24 The Podcast abetter, new, exciting show!! Damn I love doing this show! Now in theory its very simple click the LISTEN LIVE link while were on, and it should open in your default music player. I suggest iTunes, but i believe any decent music player will work. I have noticed some systems don't have the link setup to auto open the link, so what would happen is you would download the link and then open it manually by double clicking it. This is the link, if you e music player has an 'Open Stream' function this the address you want to paste in there.., try it and see if it opens in your music player... Since were not broadcasting at all times it will try to open but just play silence and eventually 'timeout'. But if it does this it does mean its working, and when we are broadcasting, the show will play. I don't want to scare anyone off and want as many as possible to listen, so if this seems hard or complicated.. please email me or IM me at 24podcast@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to help as much as I can! Now with all that said, I want to thank Jon from Fangasm, this has to be the coolest webmaster/writer/TV Fan I have ever come across. Not only is he letting us you HIS server for this, he has been as about as helpful as anyone could ever be in not just this.. but many many things I've been bugging him for. Jon is a LOST freak, as much as I am a 24 freak. He started, runs, created and kicks general ass on a few LOST sites, and now Jon is also now hooked on 24, as I am now hooked on LOST. Together we will take over the world. If this goes well, and I know it will, this could be the normal way of doing things for here on out for 24 The Podcast. Don't worry if you can't listen live I will be recording it and posting it as podcast as usual. But with the live call aspect, it should really change and make the show take a whole new great dimension!!


Guess what I'm Doing?

So its about midnight Saturday Jan 6th and Im about to start Hour 4, look for a spoilerific podcast soon... and oh yeh.... WOW just WOW


New Year.. New Spoiler...

I think I have found one of the 2 major plot twists... (listen to the latest podcast to know what that means) A while back there was the rumor that Jack would have a brother show up this season.. well apparently this is true... But WHO the brother is... is... mind blowing.... Click the link if you want it to be spoiled, it IS SHOCKING!!! If you looked, and don't know who that is... Click here Disclaimer: This spoiler came from Tanker at the The 24 Community boards and is allegedly confirmed, I couldn't find 'confirmation', but Tanker is very reliable.