Session 10... I apologize... I am sorry... ????

I feel this is one of the worst sessions i have done.. I love the voicemail part, but the audio quality came out pretty bad... sorry... I'll do better this weekend...

Wow.. a couple of posts ago you may rememeber me being a bit bitter about the whole iTunes system thing... it still feels good when things like this happen... I made the New & Notable on the iTunes Music Store front page!


ok... now I'm just tired of it.... or I am Jack's 'over it' emotion!

I have had a little rough patch with my web services, and it turns out I've been hacked. I have no proof, of who, but I think I know, and I'm just tired of it. I no longer care about my iTunes rating, so if you must write false, mean things go ahead. Make my podcast a one star rating... I am over it. Fans of this podcast have stuck with me and we have all enjoyed the ride. So here what has been done.... 1.Click the banner on my site, which is directed to http://24podcast.net , you'll notice that it takes you to a parked web page site... I have conacted them multiple times and they will not change the park for at least awhile as they investigate the request to re-direct the site to a parked placeholder. So I ask you too use the "backdoor" to this site from now on.. (or at least awhile) which is http://24podcast.blogspot.com 2.iTunes rankings manipulation. As this is very hard to explain (i don't fully understand it)I will just say, I DID NOT NOR WOULD I EVER MANIPULATE MY RANKINGS.... So rank me low or high I don't care. All I want to do is make a podcast that people enjoy. I much rather have thousands of emails, voicemails, forums postings or even my space comments than rank high on some ratings board or system that can be manipulated. I am not doing this to make money, I have other websites setup for that, this is because I love the show 24, and I like to talk about it! I did take pride in the fact that at points it seems as I was number one, of course that feels good. But this added frustration of people taking the time to hack my domain, play with rankings, etc.. its just not worth it. I JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN MAKING THIS SHOW FOR FANS OF 24 AND SELFISHLY... MYSELF!! So I encourage you to use something like Thunderbird for a RSS feed reader to listen to this podcast. I also post the embedded player on this site and the My Space site. The whole RSS fedd reader thing might be a little intimadating at first, but it really is easy once you get it working. I use mine for so much stuff... its the way I recieve ALL my news and interests. NO MATTER WHAT I WILL NOT STOP DOING THIS PODCAST. BECAUSE.... My Name is Joe, and I like 24. Please send voicemails, 206-600-JACK, emails , visit the Forums, place yourself on the Frappr Map... and PLEASE!!! ENJOY THE PODCAST, AS MUCH AS I ENJOY DOING IT!!! Joe


WHo did this.. its amazing!!!



We are all a bunch of techies!!

Going through some figure on Google Analytics, and realized that we are a techie bunch! As you can see by the extracted info below, we are using Firefox more than any other browser, by allot! If you arent using Firefox, you should!! But I thought it was neat that we are all a bunch of techies, I know I am!! And oh yeah, heres a bonus spoiler episode!! HAHAHA!!! Don't forget to call on the new voice mail 206-600-JACK Don't forget the Forums And of course don't forget the map.... AAANNNNDDDD were on My Space too!! One more thing... My Dr. told me last night, that I have tonsilitis. I dont know if that the correct spelling, but I think you know what I mean. So that throat issue I have been having for about 5 weeks now, I finally have the diagnosis, and hopefully the medicine I am taking will finally make the pain go away. Which means for you guys a better, more focused, and hopefully longer podcast. I hopefully will no longer need to edit the show so much cause of my coughing fits, and losing my voice issues. HERE'S TO MODERN MEDICINE!! YAY!! Joe


Session 8 SOLO!!!

SOOOOO.. I;m not sure if the in browser player works but you can always subscribe via iTunes!! UPDATE: I Uploaded a separate file just for this player... are you guys using this? If not let me know, no use in wasting space!! New stuff this week.. new voice mail PHONE number!!!! 206-600-JACK ,you can call from ANY phone, ANY TIME!!! I will be able to get your voice mail and if you ask a good question or leave a great comment it will be played on air!! Also Orlando from mySpace sent me a link to The Sentinel.. a movie which I am not sure if I like or not... Once again THANK YOU ALL!! I love doing this show!!! Next week I will make sure its in MP3 format for all of you!! But for this week here is a direct download link... sorry for the inconvience.


SOOOOoooooooo.... if i got.....

A phone number would you guys call more... I want voice mails damnit!!! If I got a number you can call... it would be 310 or 213 area code, would that make it easier for you guys to call?? Do ya promise?? Let me know if its worth it i will do it.. BUT PLEASE REMEMBER you can easily leave me a voice mail now through SKype by pressing the one of many 'skype me' buttons on the website, if you dont have skype ITS COMPLETELY FREE just download and install, really its cool!!! IT WORKS and its COMPLETELY FREE! Well let me know what ya think!! Joe


Session 7 is up! With Special guest star Darren from Hak5!!

There was some issue here on the site, but its working now, also anyone who wants to help make this show EVEN more porular, please visit PODCAST ALLEY and vote on this show. Thanks guys!!!!


Session 7 will be late :(

I'm sooooooo sorrry guys, I should have it up mid day tomorrow, but I had some serious audio issues and had to re-encode like 5 or 6 times. GOOD NEWS is, I have a VERY VERY SPECIAL guest, who hasn't even watched an episode this season, but is hooked now and will start watching soon. Darren Kitchen Click on the image to check out the Hak.5 crew, they have IMO the best IPTV thing going on... Consistently pushing out good material. These guys know there stuff, and more importantly Darren is an overall great guy, and he loves 24. So Darren and I talked about 24 (eh-hem) for about 2 hours and then my horrible Skype recorder (power grammo) freaked out and pushed the audio out at like 3X speed, so I had to manually convert the file and use effects to slow it down to the proper speed. Unfortunatley I did not know what that was so I had to try, try, try again, and then try 2 more times before I got it right. But anyway, I will try to mix down some audio, and edit together a solid 30 minutes or so for your listening pleasure tomorrow. I promise it won't happen again!! Joe PS if you guys like what you hear from Darren, let me know... he might be interested in becoming a 'once-in-awhile' regular!


24 The Game

Click here for the trailer!! So the game was pushed back a little (new release date 2-28), but I already ordered mine!!!


Some New Stats...

So.. there is some plain old raw numbers... I am so happy with them, and I appreciate every single one of ya!! THANK YOU!! BUT... on iTunes I am taking a beating... becasue of some unknown 'annon' user who writes stuff like..
Soooo.. if you guys feel this way please give me some more calls via Skype, more suggestions on how to make things better. Some things I am changing.... Music will be MUCH lower during the talking part. MORE roundtables, maybe a regular time every other week. more reflection in the spoilers and recap Once again THANKS!!! Lets keep it going!!!


Bonus Pod!!!

Got a bonus podcast for you guys!! Look forward to a special SPOILER only quickie by Friday. Joe... please take our survey.... Please fill out our audience survey!