Hot off the blogosphere... rumors, and pictures!!

You guys remember this one.. right? Well theres more.. his post went back up!! And some seriously new pictures, that actually concide with something Kiefer said at the Emmy's! Heres a link to the collection... Everyone enjoy!! Theres alot of speculation of why this was filmed at night if the show is set to start at 6am... I am in the belif that we have been told that the show deals with incidents that may have already happened.. I think this footage was filmed as something we will see on a screen as CTU reviews it. Whadya think? Let the arguments begin!!! Digg this
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Session 27, with your host for the Emmys... well anyway...

Oops!! I said Joseph Gordon, I meant Joseph Hodges... Sorry Joe!! Wishful thinking for an interview for me, huh? Someone asked me for what the songs are I played on the podcasts.. so here are some links... here is a link to Weapon of Choice song in Itunes Fatboy Slim - The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder - Weapon of Choice and heres the video Weapon Of Choice and hers.. the Peeping Tom song I played at the end.. Peeping Tom - Peeping Tom - Mojo (Featuring Rahzel & Dan the Automator)


HAHA.. but what happens when you click on it?

It is funny... but what if you clicked on it? ... new sesion coming soon... Emmy's, and some explaining about the pic