24 Podcast Presents Season 7's Hour 6, "24-in-60!"

An Ultra-Quick Review of Season 7 Hour 6 - 1pm-2pm It's the Perfect Hook for Potential and Current 24 Fans!

One of the most powerful tools we implemented many moons ago, is The 2GuysTalking: 24-in-60+! - an ultra-quick, humorous review of each hour of the hit Fox show, "24!" For those of you that think this is easy, try making being buried alive and rescued, murders of all kinds and plane crashes "FUNNY!" We pull it off here and hope to hear from you! It's season 7's hour 6, 1-2pm ultra-quick review for you, now!

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24 Podcast: Reviewing Season 7 - Hour 5 - 12pm-1pm

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Our listener base continues to grow exponentially as it reaches new ears, markets and attention! We are continuing our partnership with websites, podcasts, and marketing teams of all kinds to offer you the best sample of 24 Fandom possible!

Hour 5 provides us with a myriad of questions. Will we find answers, more questions or frustration?

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24 Fan? Got Less Time Than Jack Bauer Has?

Then YOU need to get yourself the "24-in-60+!"

We're 5 hours into the hit Foxshow, 24, and it's time for all 24 fans to experience the marvel of the 7th season's 5th hour ultra-quick review! IT's TIME for the 2GuysTalking: "24-in-60+!" that allows you to get a humorous quick gander at this week's episode!

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2GuysTalking: "24-in-60+!" Ultra-Quick Humorous Episode Review for: Season 7, Episode of of the Hit Fox Show, "24"!


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24 Podcast: The Marathon Podcast Editing Session is Complete!

It was a Month of Work to Be Done in a Week - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Our thanks to all of our listeners for having patience, and also for sending in enough feedback about the next four hours to power an entire "ALL FAN INPUT" episode for this year after just 4 hours!

Featuring a variety of new partner ads, calls for new ones to be implemented and some great television review podcasts for Fox' hit television show, "24" The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast is off to it's strongest season EVER. Click on any of the links below and look for single entries via our news section at TelevisionReviewBlogs.Com soon!

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24 Podcast: The 24-IN-60+!s Begin for Season 7

Quick and Humorous Hourly Reviews are Ready - Podcasts On their Way! Our thanks to ALL of you visiting and contacting us in regard to our most recent "24 Podcast" status! We have three of four shows recorded and are feverishly working to get all four hours prepped, edited, commercialized and ready for release this weekend! Until then, enjoy the "24-in-60+!"s for ALL FOUR hours of Season 7 of the Hit Fox show, "24!" Look for two more "24-in-60+!"s as well as our full episode review podcasts for the first four hours soon!

Tell us what YOU think!

Listen to The 24-in-60+! - Season 7, Hour ! http://www.2guystalkingvault.com/downloads/shows/2guystalking/2gt-24-season-7-24-in-60-hr-1-8-9a.mp3

Listen to The 24-in-60+! - Season 7, Hour 2 http://www.2guystalkingvault.com/downloads/shows/2guystalking/2gt-24-season-7-24-in-60-hr-2-9-10a.mp3

Listen to The 24-in-60+! - Season 7, Hour 3 http://www.2guystalkingvault.com/downloads/shows/2guystalking/2gt-24-season-7-24-in-60-hr-3-10-11a.mp3

Listen to The 24-in-60+! - Season 7, Hour 4 http://www.2guystalkingvault.com/downloads/shows/2guystalking/2gt-24-season-7-24-in-60-hr-4-11-12p.mp3


Prepare for "24" This Weekend with "The 24-in-60+!"

It's time to get into FULL 24 Mode, and the best way to do it, is to listen to a review of the previous episode, "24: Redemption"! But who in the HELL has TIME to listen to an hour-long podcast about "24", right!?

FEAR NOT TRUE 24 Fans! The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast is happy to once again feature:

The 24-in-60+!" for the first two hours of 24 from "24: Redemption!"

Each, in just a few minutes, gets you caught up with a humorous, opinionated, fun review of the last episodes of "24!"

It's the BEST WAY POSSIBLE to get caught up and put into "FULL 24 MODE" before the premiere on Sunday of this week!

Check out the two most recent "24-in-60+s" via the links below: 24: Redemption Hour 1 "24-in-60+!" http://www.2guystalkingvault.com/downloads/shows/2guystalking/2gt-redemption-24-in-60-hr-1.mp3 6 Min

24: Redemption Hour 2 "24-in-60+!" http://www.2guystalkingvault.com/downloads/shows/2guystalking/2gt-redemption-24-in-60-hr-2.mp3 8 Min.

And remember you can listen to the entire 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast review of "24: Redemption" as well by clicking the link below! http://www.2guystalkingvault.com/downloads/shows/2guystalking/2gt-24-redemption-2008.mp3

Looking for the show notes to this great show?

Bam! http://2guystalking.com/2gttrb/?p=1033

This and more awaits you at The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast Website! What are you waiting for? There's NO TIME!

Log on today and tell us what YOU think about 24, our podcasts and share in the fun of one of the fastets growing audiences on the Internet now!


Thanks for listening and look for more this weekend!


24 Podcast: The 2GuysTalking Podcast Returneth to The Land of 24!

What do you get when you have a 16+ month layoff from what used to be one of the most popular television shows of all time? Anticipation for what is the most recent chapter of the Worst Days of Jack Bauer's life - that's what! The Award-nominated 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast is proud to return to their roots as they return back to the land of Jack Bauer and review the recent "24: Redemption" that leads us into a grand new Season 7 of 24 on January 11th! Joining 24 Podcaster Mike Wilkerson is Nexradix Creator Tony Lovasco (from The TERMINATOR Podcast) who helps to create more great entertainment review chemistry during this launch of great review entertainment. Listen to the podcast now and be sure to send us your input, feedback and testimonials so we can use them on our next show! We're eager to hear from you and to immerse ourselves in what is truly exciting subject matter! It's your chance for you to take a peek at what awaits this next season as "24" arrives valiantly for a 7th season on January 11th for a 4-hour premiere! Looking for the "24 in 60!" shots from this episode? PATIENCE! Two dandy quick-hitting, humorous and memorable editions for each of these two hours are ALSO ON THE WAY! Until then, be sure to check out the "24 in 60s!" for previous episodes, as well as our previous 2GuysTalking reviews of "24" to get a great taste of what awaits! December, 2008 Podcast Running Time: 48min. Recorded at 2GuysTalking Studios --- Listen to the Free MP3 File Now! http://www.2guystalkingvault.com/downloads/shows/2guystalking/2gt-24-redemption-2008.mp3 --- Visit The 24 Podcast Website http://www.24podcast.com --- Subscribe to The TERMINATOR Podcast via iTunes Now! http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=152385923 Like What You Hear? Be sure to visit this season's sponsors and tell them what you're listening to! -- RelayMO: www.donthanguponrelay.com -- Acoustica's Mixcraft: www.acoustica.com/mixcraft -- Ability Interpreting: www.interpreterstation.com