Peter Weller IS NOT coming back to 24.... i know.. you knew that...

But he does have a great looking show for history buffs. If you didnt know, he is a professor of history. Peter Weller's next role: Historian The History Channel launches an exciting new weekly series called ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE, hosted by actor and art historian Peter Weller (24, Robocop). Each episode in this fast-paced new series examines one of the world's most advanced civilizations – from the perspective of their engineering feats – using cutting-edge CGI. The one-hour weekly series takes a look at the key leaders of each empire and explores the mark each left on his or her society – by way of roads, super-fortresses, dams, temples and other structures. The new series launches with a special two-hour episode, EGYPT, on Monday, October 9 at 9 pm ET/PT and will air weekly on Mondays. Viewers can test their own knowledge and interact with Peter Weller through a new game, The Empire Challenge (www.theempirechallenge.com).


A recap of info...

Heres a info recap of Season 6 stufff... thanks to Josh from 24 Community Episode 6.0 Prequel. September 6th - It's basically Jack getting tortured in China and him saying nothing. Then you think he's gonna get to escape, but it's a trap. Source - Nina Myers at HQ Episode 6.1 6:00 a.m. - 7:00 a.m. Airdate - January 7th, 2007 Airtime: 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. August 25th - John, a production assistant on the show confirmed, "We premiere on January 7, 2007 with a 2 hour premiere." Source - Fox24Rules at the Fox forums August 24th - Director Jon Cassar is establishing the show's White House story, which has always been integral to the spy thriller set in the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles. The writers, it seems, have come up with a doozy: Wayne Palmer, the deceased former president's brother who was with him when he was assassinated, has become the leader of the free world. How this goes down, nobody is telling. But here he (D.B. Woodside) is, the first time viewers see him in the Oval Office, and in typical "24" fashion, things are not good. America is already under some form of terrorist attack when the season opens, and Jack, who was last seen literally on a slow boat to China, has been behind bars there for 20 months. So the new president is ticked. Cassar coaches the actor on the gradations of anger — "Be angry at the situation, not the people" — and when Woodside, Peter MacNicol, who has joined the cast as a presidential special advisor, and Jayne Atkinson, who plays Karen Hayes, a Homeland Security official, perform the scene again, it is gripping. Source - L.A. Times July 13th - First eps is 6am to 7am. Buchanan is negotiating with 'Fayed' to get info on 'Assad'. Fayed will only trade info for custody of Jack. Jack isn’t in CTU custody. He appears to be cooperating with Bill and Curtis because he knows it’s the only way to stop the bad guys. Fayed tells Bill that in order for them to get to Assad, they have to lock Jack to a fence and then they'll be given Assad's location. When Fayed gets Jack he proceeds to torture him for what Jack had done to his brother. Fayed 'admires the Chinese handiwork', the many scars on Jack's torso, and his burned and scarred hands. Fayed beats and kicks Jack, then has him strapped to a chair and starts with a knife. Meanwhile, Morris is consoling Chloe, at work, because Buchanan gave the baddies Jack. Turns out 'Assad' is actually a good guy and 'Fayed' made it look like he was a baddie so CTU would kill him. Fayed set up Assad because he betrayed the cause. He tells this to Jack before he kills him, as all supervillians do, then steps out to take a call. Big mistake. Jack attacks the lone guard by biting his throat open. Source - SecretAgentMan at TWoP July 7th - In the first eps. we will meet Ahmet's father, Yusuf, a middle class Simi Valley businessman who is suspected of being a terrorist, but is actually innocent and has no idea of his son's activities. Source - SecretAgentMan at TWoP Episode 6.2 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. Airdate - January 7th, 2007 Airtime: 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. August 22nd - Episode 6.02 will mark the arrival of a new CTU agent. Agent Samuels is a tough and in control Caucasian man in his mid-30s. He will be the head of Field Operations. Samuels will appear in several episodes throughout the season. Source - Spoilerfix Episode 6.3 & 6.4 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Airdate - January 8th, 2007 Airtime: 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. August 28th - As Kiefer Sutherland hopped out of his limo at the Emmys he mentioned, "At some point in time tomorrow we have to blow up a bus." Photos of the explosion popped up at HQ. Source - E! News, HQ Episode 6.5 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Airdate - January 15th, 2007 Airtime: 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. August 31st - By the 5th eps. we will meet Josh. the 15 yr old son of Graham (Mr. Bluetooth). Graham, his wife Marilyn and Josh willl be in several eps. Source - SecretAgentMan at TWoP August 31st - [REED] Caucasian, he is in his early to mid 30's and is the right hand man to Thomas Lennox (Peter MacNicol), the Chief of Staff for the President. Reed is very comfortable operating in the political arena, and despite his young age, is already very sharp and astute. He is already a "Beltway" insider - a young Turk. Will be seen in several episodes. GUEST STAR. Source - www.starzcasting.com August 28th - [RITA] Caucasian or African American, she is in her 30's, and is a little on the female dogy side. She is on her way out of town and argumentative with her male companion who just happens to be a mercenary aiding and abetting the terrorists. Rita is simply along for the ride. Seen in two episodes. GUEST STAR. Source - www.starzcasting.com General Season 6 Spoilers: user posted image user posted image September 12th - Oscar and Emmy-nominated actor James Cromwell ("Babe," "Six Feet Under") and Emmy Award-winning actor Eddie Izzard ("Dress to Kill," "My Super Ex-Girlfriend") join the season six cast of 24. Cromwell will recur this season as PHILLIP BAUER, the estranged father of JACK BAUER. Actor/comedian Izzard will portray a villainous accomplice, DARREN McCARTHY. Source - Fox September 12th - Season six picks up 20 months later. WAYNE PALMER (DB Woodside), the strong-minded brother of the late President David Palmer, is now himself the President of the United States, while his sister, SANDRA PALMER (Regina King), is a determined and powerful advocacy lawyer. After a series of horrific terrorist attacks, Palmer and his team of advisors, KAREN HAYES (Jayne Atkinson) and THOMAS LENNOX (Peter MacNicol) as well as CTU colleagues CHLOE O'BRIAN (Mary Lynn Rajskub), CURTIS MANNING (Roger Cross) and BILL BUCHANAN (James Morrison) begin an unthinkable, nail-biting day. Source - Fox August 29th - I caught up with nominee Gregory Itzin on the red carpet and he revealed that President Logan will resurface around the midday point. "It started with, 'Oh, you'll be back around [Episode] 7 or 8,'" he says. "Now it looks like it'll be 9 or 10. The story tells itself for those guys. They know they want me back and it will organically happen." The only question now is how Logan will be woven back into Jack's nightmarish day. Luckily, Itzin's got the answer to that, too. "He has information that they need," he offers, "which is why they come after him." Kim Raver told me at the Emmys that Audrey's return was simply a question of when, not if. "We want to find the appropriate moment, so we're waiting," she says. "Kiefer and I and the producers, we're all talking about it to find the key moment." And despite her new gig on ABC's buzz-worthy drama The Nine, Raver says she'll be able to drop in for more than one episode. "People really want them to be together. It's a huge compliment." Source - TVGuide user posted image August 25th - Harry Lennix has been hired for a recurring role on Fox's real-time drama "24." Also joining the Imagine TV/20th Century Fox TV series next season in potentially recurring roles as terrorists are Adoni Maropis and Steven Schub. Source - The Hollywood Reporter August 24th - Jayne Atkinson returns as Karen Hayes, a Homeland Security official based in Washington DC alongside the new President. Source - L.A. Times August 23rd - Exec Producer Evan Katz explains his decision to install David's bro in the Oval Office. "It's a great choice. It's RFK. It's the slightly less-polished younger brother who has something to prove and is living in the — 'shadow' is too strong a word. But living with the martyred, heroic older brother is very powerful. What I think we need to remind people is that we're not just [making him the prez] because he's [David's] brother. He was [David's] chief of staff in Season 3. He's a big part of politics." Source - TVGuide August 21st - Kal Penn has joined the cast of Fox's action drama "24" in a recurring role. He will play a guy who is somehow involved with the Islamic guru running the neighborhood mosque and might be the key to a terrorist plot. Source - Reuters August 12th - Kid actor Michael Angarano has joined the cast of "24" as Scott. He will recur for 5-7 episodes. He is best known for playing Elliot in Will and Grace. Source - www.kidactors.com user posted image August 10th - Here is a first look at Jack in Season 6. Kiefer is standing next to Fahim Fazli, who has scored a role on the new Season of "24". Check out his blog for the first pics of Season 6. Source - http://fahimfazli.blogspot.com August 9th - Alexander Siddig is joining the cast as one of the evildoers behind the big Season 6 plot. In other news, a casting call has gone out for an actor in his thirties to play a "no-nonsense soldier" stationed at a military prison. Source - TVGuide August 8th - Manny Coto said in the recent 24 mag, "There are some new elements that we haven't done before. It's safe to say that Jack's character will be in a place he's never been before - a dark place. What he goes through with the Chinese is going to change him in a dramatic way, where it leads him to the point of him questioning the whole point of living and continuing this. There are other things that will be happening that I can't give away, but it's a crisis of his soul, which is really him being keyed up for next season." Source - Official 24 Magazine August 7th - Jon Cassar believes Day 6 will top Day 5. "It's not a question at all. The answer is yes." While other seasons gradually bring the terror to light, the new season begins "in the midst of America being terrorized," Cassar says, likening the explosive opening to the early hours after 9-11. " Something horrible has already happened, so we start in a mood of national paranoia and fear and go from there," he says. Jack has been in Chinese custody for two months and has been tortured physically and mentally. "He's not the same Jack we've seen before," Cassar says. "He's beaten down, a weakened shell." A la Jack's Season 3 return from drug abuse, Season 6 will track Jack's comeback. Meanwhile, a Guantanamo-like internment camp raises issues about "how far our country will go to stop terror" says Cassar. Kiefer Sutherland says, "We'll start with Jack next season at the lowest point anybody's ever seen him," explaining that Day 6 opens two months into his Chinese incarceration. "Jack has always dealt with situations where other people's lives are in danger. Now it's all about saving his own butt, and there's a lot of 'I don't care about me. Do what you will.'" Source - TVGuide August 2nd - Marisol Nichols has joined Fox's Emmy-winning drama "24" in a recurring role. The actress is said to be playing Natalie, the boss of Chloe and the right-hand woman to Bill at CTU. The character is described as smart, attractive and very good at what she does. Source - Fox August 2nd - Exec producer Evan Katz said somewhere between "18 months and two years" will have passed when Season 6 launches in January. He said the idea of picking up immediately where last season left off was "talked about, but it's always important to us for the characters to have traveled a certain amount of distance emotionally. You don't get a chance to do a lot of that during the course [of the season]. Also, the odds that two of the worst days [would occur] right next to each other stretches credulity a little bit." Source - TVGuide August 1st - Eric Balfour has signed on to reprise his Season 1 role as independent CTU contractor Milo Pressman. Balfour will be credited as a series regular. Curtis Manning (Roger Cross) is also set to appear in Season 6. Source - Spoilerfix & TVGuide July 31st - Kiefer Sutherland has said this would be the most political season yet, without a hint at which side of the aisle will embrace the plot more enthusiastically. "This year there's a couple of statements that are very political. The writers chose to address a really interesting situation." Source - Sun-Sentinel July 27th - Kiefer Sutherland figures 24 will pick up about a year-and-a-half from when we last saw Bauer. "We just got the first scripts. [Jack's] at the end of his line. Something's going to have to really rejuvenate him from the position that he's in," said Sutherland, "otherwise he's just going to be dead."He added that it will be interesting this coming season, which starts again in January, "to come from a really deep dark place and actually try to come up instead of starting from an up position and trying to go down." Source - Toronto Sun July 26th - Kiefer Sutherland revealed that both Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart, who played the President and First lady respectively, will likely return some time during the season. "I think they are both going to be, [but] in which capacity and how much [is to be determined]," says Sutherland. Source - iFMagazine July 20th - Jon Cassar recently revealed to Ecran Large "In the past seasons, Jack always tried to prevent terrorists attacks but in season 6, one of the idea that we might picked up would be that these attacks already occurred at the very beginning of the season. What would be the situation if something like 10 nuclear bombs had already exploded in a roar all around the country? We're planning [another prequel], especially to solve out how Jack came back from China because if you had to show it in the series, it would be at least a 15 hours flight and that would be pretty boring to watch." Source - Ecran Large July 17th -The Palmer Family comes together with the addition of Regina King as Palmer's sister "Sandra," a powerful advocacy lawyer, and the return of Palmer's strong-minded brother "Wayne" (DB Woodside) as the recently elected President. Source - Fox July 10th - "Numb3rs" and "Ally McBeal" actor Peter MacNicol is joining 24 next season as a series regular. The actor will portray Thomas Lennox, a high ranking government official. Source - TVGuide July 7th - The main terrorist situation of season 6 seems to revolve around Middle Eastern men who are planning an attack. One of the men will be undercover in Simi Valley. Source - Spoilerfix July 7th - [WALEED] He is African American, elegant and good looking. Waleed is Oxford (in England) educated, in his mid to late 30's. and is an advocate for Islamic Americans, and could be part of a benevolent organization like CARE. He is a good guy and we should like him. RECURRING GUEST STAR. [THE DAD] He is Caucasian, a benign, average looking kind of guy in his 40's, who is not tough, and thrown into a dangerous situation. Dad is a white collar worker who lives in Simi Valley, and has an 18 year old son. Will probably recur in 4 episodes GUEST STAR. [DENNEHY] He is Caucasian, and a seasoned politico in the Presidential camp. A player in Washington DC, he's been around and is in his late 40's to early 50's. RECURRING GUEST STAR. Source - Spoilerfix July 2nd - Kiefer Sutherland explains that Season 6 will take a slightly different turn. "We've had five years of him saving a large thing; this one's much more about him saving his own ass. He'll go from being the one who hunts people down to the one who's being hunted, so that in itself turns the show around." Source - Guardian Unlimited June 28th - [ASSAD] He is Middle Eastern (or should pass for Middle Eastern)in his mid 30 s to mid 40 s, and the mastermind of a terrorist plan. Assad is smart and ruthless and will recur. RECURRING GUEST STAR. [FAYED] He is Assad s disciple, and is also Middle Eastern (or should pass for it). Fayed is just a little younger than Assad that is early 30 s to early 40 s and will also recur and will go head to head with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). RECURRING GUEST STAR. [AHMET] He is a neighborhood kid in Simi Valley Middle Eastern (or should pass for it) 20-21 years old that blends in as part of the American landscape but in fact is a real terrorist. Will recur. RECURRING GUEST STAR. Source - SecretAgentMan at TWoP June 23rd - Joel Surnow talked about Season 6 at a recent Heritage Foundation event. "We will actually have a President in Washington, DC. We're gonna do some stuff based in DC next year for the first time. And we do intend to bring Aaron back. He's a beloved character and he won't be in his love nest with Martha Logan, but he'll be back and working for a President. You've not seen the last of President Logan." Source - Heritage Foundation June 19th - James returns to 24 next season as Bill Buchanan, the head of CTU Los Angeles. Source - http://www.xmission.com/~spectral/jm/curprj.html June 2nd - Carlo Rota, Morris O'Brian, will be a series regular next season. Source - SecretAgentMan at TWoP May 28th - Kim Raver revealed that come Season 6 "Jack will be nursing a few wounds but he'll be ok." Raver also said that she'd be back but in limited force as she split her time between "24" and her new series. Source - London Expo May 25th - Howard Gordon drops a few hints about Season 6 "Unfortunately, I don't think much of the story will take place in China. It's just an impractical thing given the real-time constraints because, even by the time we concluded that story, it would take Jack 16 hours - you know, three-quarters of the series - to get back to L.A." Source - NY Post April 12th - Mary Lynn Rajskub has inked a deal to return next season. Source - TVGuide


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Yes the time has come my freinds, for yet another new fresh podcast! his one with a bunch of great news, and a bit of sad-'ish' news. The premise is out, see previous post for more detail. The spoilers are being handed off (hopefully) to someone who will take over that duty, listen to the end of the podcast for more info!!! Task does one hell of a hip hop podcast!! Music Featured in this podcast... Beastie Boys Time for Livin' Beastie Boys - Beastie Boys Anthology - The Sounds of Science - Time for Livin' Violent Femmes American Music Violent Femmes - Permanent Record: The Very Best of the Violent Femmes - American Music Direct Mp3 Link (right click and save)
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And here it is... Season 6 Premise revealed...

From Dixiehank at the 24 Community Ausiello: That scary bald dude/mastermind of all things evil played by ER's Paul McCrane is returning this season, and we'll meet his wealthy Bel-Air wife and their 15-year-old kid. Also, Fox put out a press release yesterday that pretty much revealed the entire premise for Season 6. Here it is in their words: "Season Five concluded with a battered and bloodied Bauer captured by Chinese government agents and headed for points unknown. Season Six picks up 20 months later. Wayne Palmer (DB Woodside), the strong-minded brother of the late President David Palmer, is now himself the President of the United States, while his sister, Sandra Palmer (Regina King), is a determined and powerful advocacy lawyer. After a series of horrific terrorist attacks, Palmer and his team of advisors, Karen Hayes (Jayne Atkinson) and Thomas Lennox (Peter MacNicol) — as well as CTU colleagues Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub), Curtis Manning (Roger Cross) and Bill Buchanan (James Morrison) — begin an unthinkable, nail-biting day." The spoilerific release also announced that James Cromwell has joined the cast as Jack's estranged father, and Eddie Izzard will play a "villainous accomplice." The complete release is here... And in Steve Jobs style... ...one more thing... Gardner (Ray Wise, aka LAURA PALMERS DAD!) will have at BEST a cameo...


Pre Order now!!! Season 5 of 24!!! Cant wait to see the prequel!

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