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24 Podcast Presents Season 7's Hour 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20! Totally Engaging and Fun Reviews of the Hit Fox Show, "24" The month of April has been a busy one for 2GuysTalking, and we're happy to announce that we've got a gaggle of "24 Podcasts" ready for you! http://www.24podcast.com

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http://www.2guystalking.com/2guystalking24in60.xml You can also download the full episode review shows for -- Hour 16 -- Hour 17 -- Hour 18 -- Hour 19 -- Hour 20 or by linking on the links here or in our ever-growing 24 Podcast Review Archive.

Remember to let us know what YOU think as season 7 continues on so we can use YOUR input during our always-fun "ALL FAN INPUT Episode reviewing this season of Fox' hit show, "24!"

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