Happy New Year, and a little suprise for loyal listeners!!

Here is the last Session of the year! There will also be a special iTunes only 'thing' for the subscribers!! This session has a few spoilers, and real quick talk about the new season. Happy New Year and enjoy!! Click the player above or direct downlaod, but I highly recommend you subscribe in iTunes!! Direct Mp3 Link (right click & save)


The time is set!!! 24 The Podcast LIVE!!!

Thats right folks, I will be doing (at least) 2 LIVE shows... all you have to do is have Skype(which is free), and tune in!! If this goes well, maybe we'll do a LIVE show every week!!! See below for more info!! If for some reason its not displaying properly below, the time is 10pm PST Jan 14th & 15th Skype Name: jackbauerpodcast Click the link learn more about SkypeCasting....


Session 30, a brief calm before the storm of kick assy-ness that is Season 6 of 24!

Thats right we are (and by we I mean me and the fans!!) back and dont forget about Uncalled For Radio, they are giving away a Season 5 DVD set tonight!! I am really excited about the live Skype Cast we are going to try on Jan 14th and 15th for the season premeire! If you need any help with getting Skype to work for you please don't hesitate to ask me!! Also I asked for more voice mails, and then I realized (after uploading the show) my number was hijacked! Sorry but I got a new one! Its on the sidebar, or right here... 206.984.9300 Direct Mp3 Link (right click and save)
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Are you Ready?!?

its coming soon!!! Look for something spoiled tonight! here is a link to the 20 or so missing seconds of the second part.. its just basically Chen saying thanks to the men that tricked Jack into thinking there was an escape. Thanks to 24Weblog for the Post... oh yeh did you here The Ricker is gonna be on 24?