Session 6 is up.. its a biggie!!

Roundtable... plus short show and my quick rammbling... I'mm sick as hell... sorry for the medicore audio... its only gonna get bettter...
just came across this, thanks smitty.


Congrats to Kiefer..

More pics and story over at kiefer-rocks


Round table baby!! Lets do this!!!

SOOOOOOOOOoooooooo..... This Sunday will be our first round table... We'll have to do this over Skype. I will take care of the recording if someone else has the means, it would be great to have a backup recording as well... I will post some topics to discuss on the forums, and the rest we'lll just let happen. I need RSVP's, so I can prepare for the ping on bandwidth... I was thinking about 2pm PST so it would be easier for most time zones to partcipate. So lets do this, and lets do it right. Please let me know ASAP if your interested. Joe UPDATE::: here is some of the topics to discuss... The Game... Jack Tony Michelle (RIP) Palmer (RIP) Bill Lynn Chloe Walt President Wusie Logan Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Tin foil hat/Conspiracy Theories Thoughts on the Buddy TV project Behind the Scenes... have you heard..... Just some topics to discuss... please email me

to let me know your gonna be there... it will be through
you need to give me your skype name so i can call you to include you in the round table... i have to call you via skype to insure the recording is good.

Longer Session's...

Going forward I will be looking at the podcast longer... Here's how I plan on doing it.. More Calls!!! as I said before.. leave me a message!! (I know there is some tech issues with this but i think in general now it should be able to record your call..)
Next is the co-host, this will make a big difference, but I have yet to recieve any auditions samples from anyone... And coming soon.. 24 The game I have learned the game is about the gap of time between Season 2 & 3, and will be available Feb 16 th, and you can pre order it here...
be one of the first to get it and we can easily eat up a few minutes talking about that... So in general I agree with all of you that the Podcast should be longer, and I am trying to accomplish this, so again I thank you all for listening and lets keep this growing!!!! Joe


Session 5 is up!! Hours 11a-Noon

We set up some forums for ya!! (Thanks Josh!!)
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    Explaination of 'FEED' icons..

    I though I would try to explain all the different feeds I have on this site. I have a total of 3, one for this blog, one for the podcast for news aggregators or other podcast clients, and one for the podcast on iTunes (by far the easiest). This first one is for this blog... Using this link (right click, copy link (not image!), and paste in appropiate place in your newsreader)will have this websites entries delivered to a news client, simmilar to your email.
    This is to subscribe to the podcast via a news reader (Thunderbird, Sage, iPodder, etc)... (right click, copy link (not image!), and paste in appropiate place in your newsreader)
    This one is for subscribing to the podcast via iTunes... Subscribe to 24 The Podcast via iTunes
    or this one works the same... Subscribe to 24 The Podcast via iTunes I hope this helps people subscribe and make it easier to get this podcast. If there is any more technical issues please feel free to send me an email, or leave comments here. Thanks again so much for listening!! Joe


    SKYPE ME DAMNIT!!! Leave a voice mail!!

    Leave a question, leave a comment, a compliment, or just tell me I suck... Someone please Skype Me, and leave me a voicemail...

    So... now its on... NOW WHAT?

    So going over some emails, im's voice mails, etc etc. I have come to the conclusion to ASK YOU GUYS, what do you want? The recaping of episodes in the detail I have been is maybe not the most enteraining thing to do. What do you guys think? Should I add a co host? Should I recap lighter and with more insight on what I think? Also I would love for more Skype calls to come in with actual questions, or even comments and emails with questions for the show. That way I can add that to the mix. Are the spoilers still wanted? I have to tell you the quality of spoilers I am currently getting is VERY HIGH, and ranging from educated specualtion to ACTUAL PIECES of the script. But if no one is listening, I can stop. Let me know!! Also a couple of times this Season I want to do a 'live' show. Maybe people in the local area can meet up at a bar/coffee house and we can arrange to watch the episode live and just record the night with commentary from people as we go...whadya think? Also what do you think about a chat room, forums, etc I am no web design wizard, anyone have any ideas on how to set these up?Also sign up for the Frappr map!! Check it out! I also want to continue to say THANK YOU to all the listeners, lets continue to grow this community and together we will make a huge impression on the internet culture! Joe

    Session 4, Hours 10a-11a & 11a-12p

    Here it is another fresh podcast for you listening pleasure!!



    Thanks to Justin for this... http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2670437 http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2681486 http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2681359 http://www.cmt24.net/ you see.. 24 has no languauge barrier!! :) Also I toldya the Pickle Players would come back up!! Joe

    Podcast Pickle Player & 24 Parties

    Podcast Pickle Player is temporarily down, dont worry for all of you that dont want to suscribe via MoJames awesome graphic to the right, the players on the site will be back soon... If you live in the So Cal area, you might want to head down to the Fox Sports Grill in Irvine. I am told that there is a huge premiereparty going on and they will be handing out all kinds of stuff, I would be there with ya, but not tonight... Maybe we will schedule a live podcast party down the line... OK only a few more hours until tonight's second premirere!!! Joe

    Session 3, Hours 7a-8a & 8a-9a

    Here it is as fresh as it gets!! I have also added a pay pal donate button on the sidebar, if you like what you hear click through the google ads or donate some cash. This podcast will always be free, but if you want to help out with some bandwidth costs, I'm okay with that! Suscribe through iTunes by clicking the awesome suscribe graphic to the right made by MoJames, or if you must listen here...


    Session 2.4 !! Spoilers Only baby!!!

    Spoiler alert!!! Spoiler alert!!! Spoiler alert!!! Spoiler alert!!! This is your warning, I got really good information and its here fresh just for you!! Suscribe via iTunes, on the right via the supercool suscribe graphics by MoJames!! or if you must listen here...


    Session 2 ONE DAY TO GO!!!

    Here it is dont forget you can suscribe via iTunes!! Just click on the iTunes button ! Subscribe to 24 The Podcast via iTunes


    Session 1.1

    Sorry for the inconvience, but had to change servers so all the iTunes suscribers have to suscribe again. I am going to make a audio post on the old server, and troll all the forums to try and notify everyone!! Subscribe to 24 The Podcast via iTunes SERVER HAS BEEN PULLED.....


    Session 1 is (now with iTunes goodness!!)

    Here is Session 1. This is a recap of season 1 thru 4, done somewhat poorly, but hey i'm just playing catch up for the new season. NEW SEASON in 1 WEEK!!!!
    RSS Feed So i told ya.. when i got it i'll put it up!!! Subscribe to 24 The Podcast via iTunes

    Session 1 is Up....

    Currently clearing with the iTunes Music store so I will post the link as soon as I get it. In the meantme check out my Moblog for this podcast.