The 24 Podcast Presents The Last Three Full-Hour Reviews of Season 7!

It's hard to believe that this season is already over! Jack has come, saved countless thousands again and heads off into the dreamy distance of COMA for the dank 7 months that we call hiatus! Thankfully, The 2GuysTalking 24 Podcast has you covered! Be sure to check out the last three, full-hour episode review podcasts via the links below! Remember that we're looking for input for our ALL-FAN-INPUT shots again this season to find out what YOU liked and didn't like about the show to pass on to the powers that make the decisions! Make your opinions known!

Listen to Our Free Review of Season 7's Hour 22 MP3!

Listen to Our Free Review of Season 7's Hour 23 MP3!

Listen to Our Free Review of Season 7's Hour 24 MP3!

In addition to our great new television episode reviews, remember that we'll be here all summer long, reviewing the many great new feature films coming to theaters across the nation. We'll also be providing new contests and growing our library of classic DVD movie reviews.

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Thanks to each and every listener around the globe, for making this year the most successful ever for The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast! We want everyone to take a moment to thank our sponsors this season, Sprint's RelayMO, Ability Interpreting and Acoustica's Mixcraft Software. We look forward to providing you more friendship, fandom and fun all year and as we approach the new "24" season in January.

Thanks for listening and see you next time!


The 24Podcast Presents a Review of Season 7's Hour 21!

A Special Guest Host and a Fun 24 Episode Review for You! It's that time again to review the most recent episode of Fox' "24!" This week we welcome a special guest host, Melia from the venerable "The 24 Addict" (http://www.24addict.com) by phone.What will happen at the end? Will we find out if Tony, Jabrani and company meet Jarred and a double chicken wrap in the Subway? Listen to this episode to find out more now!

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