Session 19-7.. real quick.. and Star Wars?! WTF?!

Some updated spoilers.. and again HUGE thanks to Kristen for filling in yesterday!!! Star Wars and the A-Team.. WTF!? Chuck & Jack bury the hatchett..


This is different!! You never saw this coming!!!

WOW I might be out of a job... damn food poisoning!!! But seriously big thanks to kristen and stepping up to bat... hope i didint keep you away from too much school.. check her out at... CTU Weekly Debreifing


Interesting Quote on my Google Homepage today...

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. - Samuel Johnson


Session 19... What Heller did you think was gonna happen?

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Wild and Crazy Guy!! or podcast... whatever.. 18.5

brought to you by Frosty's Muffins... mmmm mmmm...


Session 18 Old School like Heller himself

Some links... 24 The Next Hour, or as I prefer 24 TNH i should linked these guys A LONG time ago... check them out its good stuff!! Bretts new blog address 24 RealtimeBest damn produced podcast out there... The John Mellencamp parody Buddy TV.. sign up.. I'll be there next Monday I swear!!! Username: BetaPreview Password: TVj*2006 Sorry Mac users.. Windows XP only, and Internet Explorer only too!! Sorry!


Session 17.5 No longer a Clean podcast... Thanks Mike!!

Out of the garden, into the real world, and unto a new source of energy... thanks to frosty for the muffins, and can I talk in any worse code? Enjoy...


Session 17... dedicated to you the fans of 24!!!

Thanks so much for listening!!! I hope I am living up to what you want!!!


Thats right.. who told you? Thats right I did! Kiefer's rich!!!

Does that look like a 40 million dollar smile... well it is.. 24 star Kiefer Sutherland has signed on to play government agent Jack Bauer for three more seasons, report Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. ...and which podcast told you about this 2 weeks ago? :)Although I was told 2 more years, but neogiations are never over until the fat lady... well you know what I'm saying!! Read more here...


Session 16.5, spoiler and tinfoil hats!

No graphic, no holds barred, just plain ole spoiler and some talk about a tin foil hat!!!


Session 16 with Edgar Goodness

I cant say how much I appreciate Louis Lombardi... Louis you are the MAN!!! I want buy you a slice of pizza!! Please visit Louis's site!! Check out the Lifes a Pizza!! Damn good stuff!!!



No joking... here it is... IF YOU DARE!!!!