Some Cast Changes..

I am very disappointed about these casting choices... i was very looking forward to Eddie Izzard being on 24, but apparently they are already killing people off this season! Eddir has been replaced by some guy I never heard of... And now this, I can't think of anything Chad was in that liked. BUT!!! I think this huge new cast, with all these high profile and respected actors means something big. My guess is there will be ALOT of death (as well as movie tie-in's) this upcoming season on 24. I think the deadpool should start now...


Yes the trailer is coming...

After numerous and very passionate email, calls, and pleadings... The Season 6 prequel/trailer is going to arrive Tuesday Oct 24th!!!! Watch here for the countdown. No word on wether or not this will be the same trailer/prequel from the DVD but my guess is the DVD will have more than what they show here... There is more news, stay tuned for a podcast to cover some of that...


Session 29, a history lesson with todays podcast

From Hindu sayings to Stanley Kubrik's influences, Peter Weller schools me...
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Special Podcast Session this Saturday with villan goodness!!

Just for you fans.... Stay tuned on Saturday Evening, a special session will be released. Theres some new 24 actor news, a couple of plot hints, and oh yeh a interview with a Season 5 villian.. who could it be? Digg in its "democracy" has taken the story down... I really would like some answers on whats going on at Digg.


Lost Starts tonight!!

And this the guy that has the best site on the web about Lost! He's hosting a Buddy TV session, so go check it out!!!