A Whirlwind True Blood Season Ends - with a BANG!

The Fangbanger Podcast from 2GuysTalking
A Review of True Blood - Season 4, Episode 12 - "When I Die"

It's the TRUE DEATH - of Season 4 of HBO's Vampire + Werewolf + Werepanther + Witch + Cliffhanger + Did-that-just-happen television series, True Blood! What was the shocking ending everyone was talking about? Did he return of figures from long gone provide satisfaction? Has True Blood seen it's worst season? What can we expect in Season 5? All of those answers and so much more await you in this season-ender, opinion-ridden review from 2GuysTalking! It's The 2GuysTalking Fangbanger Podcast's Review of Season 4, Episode 12, "And When I Die"! Tell us what you think!

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A Review of True Blood - Season 4, Episode 6 "I Wish I was The Moon"

The Fangbanger Podcast from 2GuysTalking
A Review of True Blood - Season 4, Episode 6 "I Wish I was The Moon"

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David returns from his visit to the land of True Blood - New Orleans! The story continues, but is it one going in any particular direction? How about a GOOD direction? David and Mike begin the discussion of this week's 6th offering and hope that you'll chine in with what you think! It's our review of Season 4, Episode 6, "I Wish I was The Moon" reviewed LIVE during lunch at The 2GuysTalking East Studio in historic St. Charles, MO!

Be sure to check out our True Blood: Transfusion as well! It's our video-only Fan Feedback and True Blood News segment that gives you and your input front and center stage property each week!


A Review of True Blood - Season 4, Episode 5 "Me & The Devil"

The Fangbanger Podcast from 2GuysTalking

David is reporting LIVE via teleconference from New Orleans! The show isn't even filmed in Louisiana! Ha! 4 outstanding episodes are in the can - a third of a new season of True Blood has cycled through the arteries and heads straight back to the heart of storytelling as they prepare to strike veins! This week: Murdered Parents, Hair that defies belief, rotting flesh that would make Walking Dead thirsty with envy, and hey! Marshmallows are Crocodile nectar! Whoohooo! It's all reviewed, delightfully, with blood and love this week by 2GuysTalking on The Fangbanger Podcast on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network!


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The Fangbanger Podcast from 2GuysTalking
A Review of True Blood - Season 4, Episode 4 "I'm Alive and On Fire!"

Four-score and 4 episodes in, we're able to put "I'm Alive and On Fire" on the diagnostic machine to tell you what WE thought! What's going on with the werepanther transformation effects? Who was this week's Merlott Special Character? Did YOUR comments appear in this episode? There's only one way to find out! 

It's time for The Fangbanger Podcast review of True Blood's Season 4: Episode 4 "I'm Alive and On Fire!" - only from 2GuysTalking!


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