Session 16 with Edgar Goodness

I cant say how much I appreciate Louis Lombardi... Louis you are the MAN!!! I want buy you a slice of pizza!! Please visit Louis's site!! Check out the Lifes a Pizza!! Damn good stuff!!!


k.barrick said...

Congratulations man. That was a GREAT interview get. Don't think any fan podcasts have had actual interviews from the cast (current or unfortunately departed).

And you did a good job managing your nerves. I've been in that situation before. Ended up accidentally insulting the guy's editing abilities. Whoops.

But great job man.

And what's with the "hmmph?"

k.barrick said...

If you combine our two comment boards...you get a conversation!

You were nervous, but it would take a whole lot of experience not to be. (Experience or dazed sleepiness/don't care what I say). First time I talked to Kevin Smith, I was inside my head, looking at myself looking through my eyes and talking to him and saying to myself "I'm talking to Kevin Smith. I'm talking to Kevin Smith. Whoa, I'm now accidentally INSULTING him! CRAP!"

Hell, it even got the comment board on 24cast's myspace page scrambling. And you're in California (right?) so go man go!

But if you interview Kiefer, I swear to GOD! Hmmmph!