The Nominiees are in....

And winner for best supporting actor in a drama.... Also congrats to Jena Smart on her nomination. Of course 24 was nominated for best drama series. And wouldnt we all just die if Kiefer himself wasnt nominated for outstanding actor. My predictions... Greg has it locked, Jean is a maybe, Kiefer wont win.


Anonymous said...

here's hoping kiefer WILL finally win, now that there's no hugh laurie, gandolfini, spader, dempsey, or matthew fox as competition. & i was really hoping mary lynn would get a nod, but i guess u can't get everything u wish for...at least 24 got the most nods of all series!! g'luck to kiefer, itzin, jean smart, jon cassar, rodney charters, & the rest of 24!

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Anonymous said...

I hope Kiefer willl win!