Session 27, with your host for the Emmys... well anyway...

Oops!! I said Joseph Gordon, I meant Joseph Hodges... Sorry Joe!! Wishful thinking for an interview for me, huh? Someone asked me for what the songs are I played on the podcasts.. so here are some links... here is a link to Weapon of Choice song in Itunes Fatboy Slim - The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder - Weapon of Choice and heres the video Weapon Of Choice and hers.. the Peeping Tom song I played at the end.. Peeping Tom - Peeping Tom - Mojo (Featuring Rahzel & Dan the Automator)


John said...

thnks joe, for bein honest and not goin for 24 in every nomination, even though we all hope they win a lot of emmys. great podcast

obsessed 24 fan,

John said...

oh yeah...thanks for the sneaky pic

John said...

Hey joe check this site out!

Mike Wilkerson said...

FINALLY, 24 and the people that make the difference in quality, original and memorable television GET THEIR DUE!

Congratulations to EVERYONE on the "24" crew that continue to thrive in what is clearly the best creative environment for quality entertainment!

Mike Wilkerson & Brian Sirimaturos
2GuysTalking: 24

Anonymous said...

So yeah when are you doing your next podcast? I hope that 24 wins the Emmy's! It would be soo cool if it did!

24 fan

John said...

um..they already did, anon..kiefer won, jon casar won, sean callery won, some camera guy won, and 24 won as a drama