24 Podcast: The 24-IN-60+!s Begin for Season 7

Quick and Humorous Hourly Reviews are Ready - Podcasts On their Way! Our thanks to ALL of you visiting and contacting us in regard to our most recent "24 Podcast" status! We have three of four shows recorded and are feverishly working to get all four hours prepped, edited, commercialized and ready for release this weekend! Until then, enjoy the "24-in-60+!"s for ALL FOUR hours of Season 7 of the Hit Fox show, "24!" Look for two more "24-in-60+!"s as well as our full episode review podcasts for the first four hours soon!

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Listen to The 24-in-60+! - Season 7, Hour ! http://www.2guystalkingvault.com/downloads/shows/2guystalking/2gt-24-season-7-24-in-60-hr-1-8-9a.mp3

Listen to The 24-in-60+! - Season 7, Hour 2 http://www.2guystalkingvault.com/downloads/shows/2guystalking/2gt-24-season-7-24-in-60-hr-2-9-10a.mp3

Listen to The 24-in-60+! - Season 7, Hour 3 http://www.2guystalkingvault.com/downloads/shows/2guystalking/2gt-24-season-7-24-in-60-hr-3-10-11a.mp3

Listen to The 24-in-60+! - Season 7, Hour 4 http://www.2guystalkingvault.com/downloads/shows/2guystalking/2gt-24-season-7-24-in-60-hr-4-11-12p.mp3

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