Pulling Out the Funny from the Constantly Tragic...

Hello: My name is Mike and I am a serial television series addict.

(crowd says, "Hello, Mike...")

For the last 5 years, I have been breaking down each and every adventure of the venerable, almost super-hero character, Jack Bauer and his hit adventures of 24. While our hour-long discussion 24-centric podcasts truly have fueled me for that time, there is a little bit of golden magic that I am so grateful to "endure" for each of those episodes.

It's called "The 24-in-60+!", a quick and humorous general "review" of each and every episode of "24", corralling all of the pertinent goings-on inside a 44-minute episode in just a few minutes!

This most recent hour of 24 helped me realize just what a gargantuan task creating something quick, funny and entertaining from the generally tragic is. You see, in the last 15 hours, Jack has been separated from his remaining family, shot at, tortured by electrocution, beat on (fists, phone books and twisted rebar remnants) incessantly, been lied to by every manner of person on the planet, survived a point-blank suicide bomber vest, had sex for the first time in over 3 and a half years, and held his newfound-just-had-sex-five-minutes-ago girlfiend as she lays dying from a sniper's bullet.

Oh yeah, and last hour, Jack survived and protected a family from a 12-man covert wet operations team assault in an effort to capture a visiting foreign dignitary (President Hassan of the clearly-fictional "Kamistan") who was eventually taken, and had his throat slit as showcased on a live, Internet anywhere/everywhere station for all to see.

And those are just the last two hours. :) As you can see there's something to creating a complete series of episode synopses that not only entertain, not only give the details you need to understand what you may have just watched, but that also entertain and make you laugh while conveying language, lexicon and FUN inside of our 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast run.

It's all coming to an end soon! Just 6 more episodes left and now is the time for YOU to check out the "24-in-60+!" for the last season of 24 and jump aboard as we scream towards not only the end of a series, but the end of the Jack Bauer era. Click here to check out the 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast series now and be sure to tell us what you think of both our 24-in-60+! episodes, and our complete series review podcasts. We are ALWAYS interested in hearing what others think and now is a great time to send us input! We're compiling input for our "All Fan Input" show that will take place shortly after the last 24Podcast.Com effort is recorded.

Thanks to everyone that already listens and also to those of us who will eventually listen. We always appreciate your time and effort and are proud to create something that entertains, engages and showcases the passions of heroes, story and more.

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