Could 13 Be a Truly Unlucky Number for 24?

Could 13 Be a Truly Unlucky Number for 24? The 24Podcast Pops Smoke and Watches for the Canopy!

We previously wondered how last week's episode was written by the same team of writers because it was that good. This week's episode clearly has lineage to the two previous episodes - more like the evil, deformed, left in the corner too long pseudo-twin, actually. With a return to lazy writing, instant fixes, impregnable bullet proof vests and yes - yet ANOTHER MOLE, this episode feels the wrath of two guys who tire of the same old same old. What did YOU think? Strap on your flight suit, cue the cheesy "Goose is dead" music, and prepare for the onset of what we think just might be a flat unrecoverable spin for 24. Click the links below to listen to this most recent episode of The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast!

Listen to the "24-in-60+!" A quick and humorous recamp of this episode of 24:

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