Is the Hour 11 of Season 8 "The 11th hour?" Tell us!

The 24Podcast Review of Season 8 - Hour 11 Season 8 Continues via The 24Podcast - 24 Fosters Body Art If only we were talking about tattoos. We're talking about an a strapped-on bomber vest and an explosive end to this most recent 24 episode. What gives with the lazy writing inside this second marginal episode? We're almost halfway through the (confirmed) final season and we're hoping for some kind of storyline afterburner to kick in? Click the links below to listen to this most recent episode of The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast!

Listen to the "24-in-60+!" A quick and humorous recamp of this episode of 24:

Listen to the 24 Podcast: Complete discussion of this hour of the hit Fox show, "24".

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Steve, Lichfield, UK said...

I listen to 2GT every week with more enjoyment than the show itself has been providing over the last few weeks. The axe murdering comments from Tony had me laughing so much I had to pull over in my car as I couldn't see properly for tears. Keep up the fine work both of you, for the rest of the season at least. Steve.