Transcripted Podcasts - Hour 18 Starts It All!

Hour 18 was once again a record download for us here at the end of April, 2010 and we thank you for it! Hour 18 will also be the first of a new and accommodating trend here at 2GuysTalking, where we'll be transcripting ALL of our shows! This will not only provide us with a great leg-up in the search engine listings in general, but also to provide more great content to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing audience! It's another great flavor to expand our audience and scope and yet another FIRST - provided only by 2GuysTalking.

Read on below for the Entire Transcript for The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast Review for:

The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast Review of Season 8, Episode 18 of 24 on Fox!

[Transcript of the Season 8, Hour 18 episode of the 24 Podcast by 2GuysTalking http://www.24podcast.com]


Hi, I'm Senator Scott Rupp. And I have been fighting for the rights of families and children affected by autism for the past several years.

This year, in Missouri as well as several other states, we're very close to giving insurance coverage for the treatment of autism. We hope that you will help us make a difference in the lives of millions across the nations and in your state by contacting your state legislators and saying that autism is important to you, and they need to continue the battle.

We want you to log on to the 2GuysTalking website at 2GuysTalking.com/autism. There you'll find contacts, links, and more to lead the next important stage in our battle against autism.

Thank you for your efforts and your time, and I'm Senator Scott T. Rupp, and I hear the 2GuysTalking effort to stamp out autism.


2GuysTalking is an Internet radio show providing you with entertainment, a sharing of viewpoints, and fun! Join us as we venture into the world of entertainment discussing a variety of topics, from television shows, DVD's, feature films, and more. This week: 2GuysTalking 24!


One has to wonder what the 8th season of the hit FOX show 24 would have looked like with just a few writing alterations and a couple of character additions this year. Well, you know what? It would have a lot like this episode—episode 18, of 24 season 8. Ultra-solid pacing, lots of information, the full spectrum of acting across the board, and even the introduction of characters you love to hate from previous seasons!

A fan recently wrote in with a quote that feels terribly appropriate, as we launch this episode of the 2GuysTalking 24 podcast, reviewing episode 18. It reads, "It looks like Palmer will go down as the only president on 24 that truly got what Jack Bauer is. He's the only one who really understood that Jack is the 'break glass in case of emergency and get the hell out of the way' kind of guy. President Taylor is about to see what makes Jack 'Jack, the relentless pursuit of justice that steamrolls whoever gets in its way—terrorist or president."

And with that, we start the episode 18 review of 24 season 8 here, on the 2GuysTalking 24 podcast! Sponsored by Sprint's Relay Missouri, Acoustica's Mixcraft recording software, and Ability Interpreting.

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