The Black Knight of 24's Hour 22...

Hour 22 - I Am The Black Knight So many television shows are on their last proverbial legs. We ask YOU - are any of them on as strong as the legs of 24 provided THIS episode? What an outstanding selection for 24 and Tony and I had what was easily one of the best episode reviews - ever - for one of the best episodes - ever. One question remains: How on EARTH can they top this episode in the last two hours next week? Our "ALL FAN INPUT" show is around the corner so remember to tell us what YOU thought so we can use it on-air!

Listen to the 2GuysTalking: "24-in-60+!" A quick and humorous recamp of this episode of 24: Listen to the 24 Podcast: Complete discussion of this hour of the hit Fox show, "24".

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