BUDDY TV BUDDY TV.. its here its as real as Snakes on a Plane!!

Yes its time to get ready to do it again!!! Did anybody try and had problems? Let me know I will help you out. When you log on you will see that I am the number 4 (last time I checked) TV-j, and we are gonna shoot for number one!! So what it is... Buddy TV is an interactive TV event. While your watching the show, I host an onliine forum for you to be a part of. You ask questions/ submit comments and I push them back out to the rest with any comment I add. I can talk to you guys, and I do, during commercials, we have trivia throught the session, and its just a general good time watching our favorite TV show with people from all over. I plan on starting the session 15 minutes before the show starts and leaving it open for 15 minutes after. After that I do my podcast which usually published at about midnight PST, so with what happens on the Buddy TV Session, has high probablity of influening the podcast! This is what I always wanted... a more interactive show, more listener influenced. This combined with email, voicemail, i get throught out the week can really make this podcast turn into a beacon of interactive light about our favorite show... 24! Heres all the info you need.. join me Monday night starting about 8.45pm PST... Log in using the beta ID's below THEN sign up a user account, and look for Joe Filip's or Jack Bauer's 24 Session... http://beta.buddytv.com/ User name : BetaPreview Password : TVj*2006 Lets see if we can overload the system!!! note: sorry mac guys (remember I am a MAC guy!), but its for now Windows XP only, and you have to use Internet Explorer... enough people give feedback, you can get the techs to get the Mac out! ( or in , depending how you look at it) oh and as for the Snakes on a Plane reference.... clicky

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great buddytv tvj session tonight!!! i'll see you next week :)