My 24 hour day...

ok ok ok so it wasnt a 24 hour day BUT IT WAS A LOOOOONNNGGGG DAY.... so sorry!!! Episode wont be up until tomorrow night.... BUT that gives you a chance to send me a voicemail to get into the show!! So my day started by running out of gas... trust me it got worse from there.. lets just say I got home in time to (8:45p) start the BuddyTV beta test and then watch 24! BTW... WTF!? I waasnt expecting that!!! anyway after that I had to wrap up the beta test, go get my wife who unexpectedly had to work a double, and I just got home... I have an hur of audio to edit from the roundtable yesterday with Brett. nd then I can record the podcast... So I have to be realistic, and say the podcast wont be pushed out until late tomorrow night.. Sorry about that guys and gals... but like i sadi heres your chance to get a voicemail in!! Joe oh and check out Bretts podcast int eh meantime.. its over there ------> in my links session!!

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