Session 15 THE MOSST IMPORTANT SESSION YET.. not really... just seeing if your paying attention

WOW! Sorry about the audio quality I'll see what i can do about getting a better cut of the audio up... I listen to the pre compressed version and it was awesome quality and now I hear the compressed version and its full of a weird noise and pops and hiss.. hmmm.. well i'll see what i can do. Some Links (Thanks Ilene) 24 just got rated as the best tv show by entertainment weekly magazine!: 24 power rankings these are pretty funny (episode 14 hasn't been updated yet though): Dave Barry's 24 blog -- also pretty funny: Dont forget bout the Frappr Map

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Anonymous said...

wahooooo thanks for the shoutout! =)
awesome job, joe. keep it up!

-ilene (backjauer)