Hour 23 of Season 8 - Reviewed!

The 24Podcast Reviews... Hour 23 - Can It Stack Up to Hour 22? The end of an era, a television show, and a podcast approaches! Coming off what was hailed as the best episode of "24" to date and being able to at least match it is a tall order for a program that's had as many ups and downs as 24 this season. Will this episode, Hour 23 allow 24 to re-write the path to television greatness? There's only one way to find out what we thought! It's time to listen to The 2GuysTalking Podcast review of Hour 23 of the hit Fox show, 24! Our "ALL FAN INPUT" show is around the corner so remember to tell us what YOU thought so we can use it on-air!

Listen to the 2GuysTalking: "24-in-60+!" A quick and humorous recamp of this episode of 24:

Listen to the 24 Podcast: Complete discussion of this hour of the hit Fox show, "24".

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