The End of 24 - Season 8 - Your Thoughts?

The 24Podcast Reviews... Hour 24 - This is THE END! This - is the END. A televised extravaganza ends tonite. A hearty, review podcasts provides it's final salvo in the televised affairs of Jack Bauer. We take in the final 44 minutes of the hit Fox show, 24, and we STILL wonder - what did YOU think? Make sure you tell us what you thought about the final episode of "24" so that we can include your input in our "ALL FAN INPUT" episode next week! It's all been a great time, made even greater because of fans like you!

Listen to the 2GuysTalking: "24-in-60+!" A quick and humorous recamp of this episode of 24:

Listen to the 24 Podcast: Complete discussion of this hour of the hit Fox show, "24".

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