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Anonymous said...

I just finished listening to your latest podcast and noticed you seem to credit all your sources except the spoilers. When you started reading them and I recognized the spoilers were from the spoiler guy at the 24 Insider and lucky for us, they show up on the Fox message board soon after posting but the Fox 24 MB credits the 24Insider as the source. Someone mentioned on the Fox board about this podcast and you were reading the spoilers from 24 Insider. Since I noticed this too and you didn't seem to know where they came from, I thought you would want to know the source of your information.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't need to source because he wants to make his 9 bucks a month for being a fat faggot that steals other peoples information and never gives credit where credit is earned. Start giving credit!!!!

Joe said...

if you ballsy annon comments would like to talk to me please email me... you act as if you know the whole story...

Anonymous said...

Ok so whats the whole story Joe? I'm sure we all want to hear it. We have no problems with your spoilers, just give credit where credit is earned

Joe said...

ok.. so here it is.. in the form of an my space email that was obviuosly coming from CZAR or someone talking directy to him... what you have to do is decide for your own damn self what you want to believe... I have nothing to hide.. look me up on the internet and you will find many many things on me, as CZAR did after i told him to do so.. and took a picture of me and doctored (nice photoshop by the way) it and started calling me a pathetic loser. Until I was kicked off the boards FOR NO REASON I linked to 24 IB off y site, as they asked me too...

This is the email chain... I Beileve to tobe from CZAR as the account it was linked to is gone and when it was up, it had the same feel as the one's CZAR posted.

And for the record.. I GOT MOST OF MY SPOILERS FROM THE 24 IB! I do have other sources... but most of the spoilers are from 24 IB... does that make you all happy? If you listened before... i DID site sources... anyway here is the email chain... start from the bottom

ok fine look for all the shit you want... i am tired of arguing with you..

the czar reference was an obvious dis becuase of what happened.... why would i mention him... duh..

and like i said I DO know someone one SET... and they did give me what i thought was new info... again i dont have access to all the info you do, so.... i dont know if someone else broke it...

I have ALOT of listeners, and they are not allowed on the 24 IB,because of the blatant elitism... so for them I AM THERE SPOILER CONNECTION

Listen to my VERY FIRST PODCAST... I knew they're were several big stars going to die... I DIDNT EVEN KNW ABOUOT 24 IB at that time..

and now i can careless about what you think.. you already made up your mind, stop listening to my podcast.


----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Sarah
Date: May 11, 2006 12:26 PM

24 forum at fox.com

They also banned his account there.

24 The Podcast, spoiler sesion. Now with spoilers from REAL inside sources, and Frosties Muffin Shack and absolutely NO help from a russian CZAR.

WARNING DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST IF DO DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE RABBIT HOLE LEADS!! Who's your daddy? Thats right... I am breaking the news, and burning a bunch of bridges by doing this!!!

Breaking the news that was broken days before by other people.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Jack
Date: May 11, 2006 12:05 PM

also what was this other board that raidedsuey posted about me on that...

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Sarah
Date: May 11, 2006 10:47 AM

I don't use myspace because I think it's creepy and I only use it when I have to contact people because I don't like using e-mail because of previous virus problems.

So I avoid using e-mail like the plague.

I'll be listening for your next podcast Joe. Throw me a shoutout!

Thanks for replying


----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Jack
Date: May 11, 2006 9:47 AM

Of course.. on the last podcast I didnt, becasue they have kicked me off and I'm in the phase of thanking frosty. Go back and listen to all the spoiler episodes, some are not on the server anymore... sorry... but I did GIVE THEM CREDIT WHEN THE BOARD ADMINS SAY IT WAS OK! They are lying when they say that... Becasue until they told me its ok to give credit, I didnt say either way and tried more to diguise where i got them from. BECAUE THEY ASKED ME TOO. I was there when the boards went down, i cant remember who it was but someone left, and everyone had to re register... I had a long PM exchange with one of the admins, they thought I was someone else, I re-explained who i am and what i was doing, and becuse i had so many listeners, including cast member (Louis, and Mary Lynn), they decidec that I shoudl NOT credit them or the users on the boards.

Ok I am saying this again to you..


I would forward these emails to you but THEY KICKED ME OFF, i have no access to them anymore.

Now that i have explained myself again let me set a couple of other things clear... and if your feeling journalistic... go ahead report on this...


What i dont understand is why u are on myspace, with one invisible freind... seems like you might be hiding something. you could have easily sent me an email, everyone knows my email address. Ieven accidentally posted my private address a few times.. im no secret on the net i have multiple sites, some to make money some for fun (24), if you look hard enough you can find anything you want about me on there...

So its your choice, beilve me or beilieve them...

either way it doesnt matter... but there is alot of 24 insider users sending me info becasue they SAW what happened and dont agree with the ban.

One more thing...
24 Insider Message Boards can do what ever they please, they can kick people off for no reason at all with no explainantion, its thier site they can do what they want with it. But with that they need to understand ANY of there users can repost, talk to thier freinds about it .. hell CLONE THE SITE IF THEY WANT... there is noone stoping anyone...


----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Sarah
Date: May 11, 2006 9:24 AM

I asked one of the mods why you were banned and she said that you copied the admins spoilers word for word and tried to pass them off as your own.

And a few weeks later you posted something clarifying that the spoilers were in fact not yours. According to the mod.

I think all will be fine in the world if you just let people know that the spoilers come from Czar and the 24 insider message board and she made it seem like they would let you back in next season.

I just listened to your podcast again and you didn't say anything about Czar but you read his spoilers word for word and described the photos he posted.

I really do enjoy your podcast but you just have to credit the right people because as a journalism student that's something that's huge to me.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Jack
Date: May 11, 2006 9:05 AM

Sarah, I fully gave credit to CZAR multiple times, and was a member of the boards. I was kicked off FOR NO REASON. I gave credit as far as the episode summarys to the board, not to the specfic BECAUSE THEY ASKED ME NOT TOO!

As far as raided suey goes, he provided me with good info once, so I trusted him, apparently he was a fake.

I been through this shit a million times, the 24 Insider boards are elitist, and a pain in the ass. They kicked me off for no reason, so now I have a few people on the board sending me the spoilers when they come out, and to thank them I thank Frosty's Muffins! Its an inside joke between me and them, i dont want to get them kicked off for helping me.

In the begining of my podcast (season), I did not credit the boards BECAUSE THE ADMINS ASKED ME NOT TO!

So maybe I am oblivious, or whatever because I am not on the boards anymore, but so YOU KNOW THE BOARD ADMIN WERE FULLY AWARE OF ME FROM DAY ONE! I NTRODUCED MYSELF AND ANNOUCENED EXACTLY WHAT I DID FROM DAY ONE!

They asked not post often ot mention the podcast to the community at all, so I didnt. Then CZAR got a bug up his ass and bitched about me, and I asked the board ops if I should respond, and they told me not to, but to give CZAR credit on the podcast with out mentioning the boards, but i could link to them from the site.

Then one day I read a scathing post from CZAR which disappeared and then I logged in from home, and my account was gone.

So Sarah, unlesss you are an admin and power to get me back on the boards, yes I am very in the dark about fakes, newest gossip on the board, and will continue to be, nothing I can do about it.

I get spoilers from alot of sources, and as I said I had one on set, they were (shooting is over) a boom operator, and I had a long conversation with him about how difficult the upcoming submarine shots were to pull off.

But with al lthe spoilers, i have to be careful which I choose to say, use and trust. There are alot of things that I didnt say I wish I did, alot things I said I wish I didnt but no matter what, me reading a spoiler from CZAR and not giving him credit now, I could care less what you think of it. He got me kicked off the boards because hes childish.

I work hard on my podcast, I enjoy doing it, more than 80% of my fans listen to spoilers, and listenership has gone up in recent weeks, not down.

If you think I am breaking some ethical bond and feel you can not listen anymore, i would urge to re read this email, to understand I was ethical and did what sources asked.

But if you think I am still in the wrong DONT LISTEN.


----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Sarah
Date: May 11, 2006 7:41 AM

I'm just wondering why you say Czar's spoilers come from someone you know named frosty muffins? If you think the spoilers come from frosty muffins your wrong because they are word for word copyings of Czar's spoilers. I know your not that glib and I'm really worried that your either oblivious or lost.

I really enjoy your podcast but I can't continue listening and calling in if you blatantly rip off someone else's spoilers word for word.

Plus you recently said that your spoiler source was the 11 year old kid from raidedsury.blogspot.com - That was just a little kid who made up a bunch of things and when he realized that everyone saw through him (except you apparently) he shut down the site and posted at another 24 board how you had contacted him and that you thought he was some super secret spoiler source.

Come on Joe? A lot of people are brushing off your podcast because of the spoiler plagerism and I am really worried that you don't know what's going on.

What's going on is that your podcast is stealing spoilers without crediting the source and it's making you look foolish.

Please message me back as I am really want to hear back from you.



Anonymous said...

I really do not think that it is ethical to post anything that is not attributed to the original author. If CZAR or whomever provided the spoiler information, they should get the credit not you. Reading someone's spoiler information word for word and then making a pathetic attempt to pass it off as your own, sucks! And yes, I don't blame Czar for being upset! You do not know what type of situation that this places him in. It seems that you are only looking to enhance your own standing in the 24 Internet community. If people are calling you out on it, be a man and find and post spoilers that YOU found! Not those that are stolen from others.

Anonymous said...

Just dropping this nugget to let you know that the 24 IB has posted their spoiler and that if any of that information shows up here or in the podcast and YOU try to take credit for it, You will blasted all over the internet as a fraud. We already know that you have stolen from Czar and have tried to make his work your own....... Do yourself a favor and find your own sources, and stop taking credit for someone elses work.......

Joe said...

ohh f off.. you apparently didnt read what i just posted.. read it, and tell me why i should change anything i do... i'll say whatever i want on MY SHOW..


Hey ANONYMOUS coward! Stop being so damn redundant in your responses. If you'd read Joe's explanation of how things occured I'd think you would understand by now. Learn to read!!!

Anonymous said...

If you had a falling out with this guy Czar and the Insider MB when why are you reading the spoilers from there? I would think you would want to distance yourself.

I wanted to see what all this was about, so I listened to your podcast again and the spoilers from the 24Insider that are posted on the Fox Forum. They were not hard to find in the spoiler section. I was amazed to find the wording was almost verbatim . So I think I understand now why these people are upset and it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out the spoilers are from the 24 Insider.

If I decide to post something on my website from a writer I do not like, I may not like the author, but I still am obliged to credit the author or magazine. But then, I hold myself to certain moral standards.

I say either don't use the spoilers or give credit where credit is due. But using information that is not yours is just wrong, no matter how you try to justify it. I've decided not to listen anymore. I might be back if things change but I also don't care to here bashing of other message boards or from reading your latest bashing another podcast. This kind of stuff does not keep me entertained.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, my!!! Now we resort to cursing!!!! Really shows what a quality guy you are!!! If I show up as anon so WTF!!!! You operate in shadows yourself with your blatant plagerism of someone elses work........ Now that you have NOTHING of your own, what the hell will you say on Monday!!! And yes, it is your show every stolen, plagerized bit of it!!! You really should be ashamed of yourself and that picture that everyone has tagged in their sig over at the Insider board, Man, you need a shave!!! Looking kinda ratty there. Jack Bauer NOT!!!!


READ or LISTEN which ever you prefer. It is a PODCAST that has a WEBSITE.. so how do you figure he's operating in the "shadows" you anonymous coward?! Oh and BTW Joe did source you!.. but you're not the end all be all of 24 sources. I myself know a source in L.A. on 24 shoots, he told me all about the San Diego shoot with the submarines and what a pain it was.. but the difference is he doesn't want me to source him, mostly cause he's not an ego maniac!That needs attention from every reveal he gives to me.

Anonymous said...

Joe, your long email recap post seems to be full of half truths. First, since you brought up the photo yourself that had text added, you forgot to mention the photo did not have your name on it and you forgot to say what was typed below the words pathetic loser. The text on the picture says:
Pathetic Loser
Roy Biggins
Learn to source it

This photo was posted after your last podcast where you read Czar's spoilers word for word.

I'm a member of the 24Insider MB and I remember when you were there. So as for getting banned for NO REASON I beg to differ. I remember the warnings the mods issued to you. First you spammed almost every thread on the board about the podcast. You are also a hothead which I think many here can tell from your responses. There WERE reasons for you getting banned from the board. I even saw what was happening and I was a newbie there at the time. I can see why Czar would be ticked off with you, it's not hard to do. You flamed Czar for what did you call it? Pathetic puzzles and hints. Yet, what is so funny is you use those pathetic clues on your show! I think you were just hot because you wanted spoilers for your show and wanted the spoilers delivered on your terms and not in riddles and clues. Hey, too bad, not your choice to make.
Speaking of banning, this goes for all flaming on the MB, people have been banned lately for flaming YOU Joe. They won't allow bad things to be said about anyone, not even you admire this, since you talk bad about them with in my opinion no justification. The only thing that was allowed was the picture that said "learn to source it" which was really fair game.

Moving on to the "blatant elitism" as you like to call it. When the Insider message board was turned over to new admin. they had to not only start a new board, but the membership increased at an alarming rate with very few people to moderate. On top of that, you basically instigated new members to start flaming Czar and other members of the board from your posts you made on the Raided Suey site. The hard work of starting a new board, and the literally THOUSANDS of new members registering every day, the Insider had to deal with people signing up just to flame and harass after reading what you posted Joe, on the Raided Suey site. You were trying to get people worked up. So, now all these people that can't join the 24 Insider right now, can partially thank you for the board being locked down to new membership for the time being. The members of the 24 IB have also lost out meeting new people and i'm sure there are people out there that would make wonderful contributions to the 24 IB.

You said "I have ALOT of listeners, and they are not allowed on the 24 IB, because of the blatant elitism... so for them I AM THERE SPOILER CONNECTION"

I'm starting to wonder if you wanted this to happen, so you could gain more listeners. The spoilers are posted on the Fox24 MB minutes after Czar releases them WITH THE SOURCE CREDITED. People do not need you as their spoiler connection, so drop the ego trip.

One last thing for those calling people "Anonymous Cowards" for posting like this. I do not choose to put myself in the spotlight, Joe did make that choice. I do not own a blog or wish to subscribe to a blog just to post one comment. I did not choose to email Joe, why? This post is meant to be seen by those who may have a little higher moral value in what is right and wrong. Sending an email to Joe personally, to someone who does not care about anything but my show, my podcast, my spoilers and a I don't care attitude would be a waste of my time.

I'm sure there are things I don't know about this mess and I can only comment on what I personally observed.

the truth said...

those who treat others without respect should not expect respect to be given back in their direction joe

if you stole stuff without credit, which, all accounts say you did, then you should not expect people to be nice to you.

stealing stuff tends to piss people off. as someone who is a journalist i know that the first duty of every published work is to cite sources. and a published work just means one other person has to hear it.

the reason why these people are not allowed on 24in is simply because there was a massive influx of new readers, many of whom caused clutter. if there was an easier way to prevent such things from occuring, im sure the moderators would do so.

if you have a new source for spoilers, fine. but dont expect people to believe you, you already lied once.

Joe said...

i never lied... not once... even though i must say I AM NOT A JOURNALIST.. i still never lied.. if ou ACTUALLY READ WHAT I POSTED AS FAR ASTHE EMAIL CHAIN GOES.... that is the truth.. beilieve or not... that is the truth.. remmeber I am not posting anon.. you can reach me any way you wish... I am posting in a way you can reply to me... you 'guys' are responding in a way no one can re-butt to you ... i however have not deleted any of your reaponses and leave this open as a forum to express your views... if i was such a liar i would delete all responses i disagree with...


Joe said...

oh yeah i never asked anyone to be nice to me...

please continue to rant and flame my site....
by the way i NEVER flamed anyones site or other podcasts... go to ANY other podcast and ask them...

i have been nting but helpful and giving...


k.barrick said...

Only half-way through this comment board and thought I'd say this:

I never knew someone could use the SAT word "glib" while simultaneously misspelling "you're" as "your."

And also as I'm in the midst of having to get out of this apartment by 3:00 p.m. tonight while also trying to watch the West Wing finale at7..... you guys attacking Joe? Wow. I thought THAT I had a lot of time on my hands and took things too personally.

I'll have to call my therapist and say that I discovered a WHOLE new class of humanity directly BELOW me! Yea!

k.barrick said...

DUDE! What the fuck is going on? 24 isn't even over yet and you don't have anything ELSE to do with your lives?!?

Is there an intellectual copyright on the material put out there? Has it been registered? Has anyone here declared themselves a "journalist?"

It's a PODCAST! You're bitching about AN INTERNET MESSAGE BOARD and what can BASICALLY be called "RUMORS." Spoilers? Rumors until they air.

And I'm gonna take up some space on this board since all these anon comments have...

k.barrick said...

Anyone gonna blast me for the spoiler episode I covered for Joe? Hell, since you've all got so much "flaming" energy why not be non-discriminate.

Seriously though... you're all complaining about SUCH a non-issue. THIS...these comments above my posts are WHY internet communities either die or tire regular people who just LIKE THE SHOW!

All of these "issues" could have easily been resolved by cooler heads with a greater dose of humility. It sounds like some have tried that at times. GREAT. Keep trying. Source crediting is an issue that's going round and round the blogging community. Of course, NEWS sites like Raw Story are fighting that fight over REAL issues of national interest and not debating over spoilers of "Who Shot JR?"

And if we REALLY can't help but take everything so frickin' seriously, then listen to this. 24 has gotten better ratings season after season and with iTunes just starting to post eps (a few months LATE btw), THIS is an unbelievably opportune time for the people who love this show.... to expand the fan base, to create connections, to create community, to increase a show's ratings to ENSURE that we'll keep getting more of what we love.

Look at the Lost community. How fast it was created and how vast it is. We have (and hopefully will continue to have) David Fury on board of the 24-ship. David Fury who has been a part and CREATOR of the BEST fan communities out there. What an opportunity! What possibilities! And THIS is what we're gonna do with it? Flame people on message boards, myspace, and iTunes reviews?

Let's grab some cooler heads and enjoy the last few episodes of this season.

And if that WON'T work, we can all meet out by the tether ball pole for a hair-pulling and dick-measuring competition. Warning: I have sharp nails and a long fake penis.

peoplestop said...

Ok everyone, you got your points across, its only 3 episodes left. get over it, everyone who is freaking out who cares, this guy wants to get to a wider variety of audiences, and since everyone who has posted has heard his podcasts, he has. Get over it, get on with life. "K" made a great point, lets all move on and enjoy the show, everyone from the 24MB relax, it isn't a big deal, The picture of "Roy Biggins" is getting pretty annoying, and especailly since the site doesn;t like flaming, everyone there has that picture, its done, move on with life. Who cares where this guy gets his spoilers, it isn't worth being a dick for a fucking TV show that we all enjoy. Deal with it and move on. Joe best of luck with your Podcasts.

CZAR said...

Joe I'm sorry I caused you so much pain and suffering. I in reality stole my spoilers from you. I am the Roy Biggins not you. If you lead them they will come, and they have been led to you, the true spoiler king.

k.barrick said...


Unless you're a Russian dictator or have committed genocide, your "name" itself should point out how ridiculous this entire thing is.

And thank GOD there's not a "sarcasm" font. Otherwise your post would be drenched in it and I'd certainly get carpal tunnel from using it.

czar said...

why K, do you take Joes side, I already said sorry, what else do you want from me?


stop pretending to be CZAR you stupid asshole

k.barrick said...

CZAR (Oh dear God, I'm talking to someone who calls himself Czar),

I'm not taking Joe's side. I have no knowledge of what's gone on outside of brief comments with Joe and what's on this board.

I DO hate "flaming." And really, is there ANY way to take your previous post as ANYTHING besides completely sarcastic? If there is a way, tell me. Really.

This is ALL unknown territory. The blur between blogs, podcasts, newspapers, television journalists, and courtesy? It's REALLY blurry. And it's something that HAS to be sorted out. But by "fighting" or whatever this is only shoots each other in the feet. Again, REMARKABLE opportunities are before us and "this" only shows an immaturity that screams "WE CAN'T HANDLE ANYTHING MORE DEVELOPED!"

You SEE what Lost has going? With this summer long "Lost Experience?" Part of it being a way to UNIFY the fan community even across oceans. It's finishing it's 2nd season. 24? 5th season. Do you think that the 24 story has enough to make it's OWN external search over our 6 month long hiatus?

Internet clues about a terrorist organization. The David Palmer book ACTUALLY being published with clues for fans to look for. Newspaper ads from a fictional BLUETOOTH company trying to clear it's name... 24 is about momentum and action but the hiatus? That could be about clues, conspiracy, CTU analysis... It could be GREAT and it could be HUGE.

There's no reason why this shouldn't be happening with 24 already. Screw the video game. But by these kind of weird displays, we're showing that the ONLY thing we're ready for are juvenile video games and photo-shop fun for boys. Why should the producers give us more (online episodes better than that weird thing they put on a few years ago, books, teasers, movies, etc.) when we can't even get along with what we DO have.

That's one of the reasons I'm taking this time out from frickin' packing and cleaning to join this cock-fight (interpret THAT however you wish) featuring some of the most dedicated people in the fan community.

And I'm a procrastinator. MAJOR procrastinator. And since Tom Cruise, I hate the word "glib." It gets me going. Apparently.

k.barrick said...

And since we're using the word "CZAR" so often, you may now address me as "Queen Prime Glorious Minister who is pretty and smart and can have a pony if she wants one over everything that is good and Royal Destroyer of everything that is bad, smelly, annoying, or pompous and can have her cake and eat it to AND can also make up all sorts of new words and phrases that will immediately be taken hold of by the populous and made a part of their daily lexicon....esquire."

Anonymous said...

hey K get over yourself, your ugly, not pretty, and especially seem like quite a bitch

uncalledfor said...

ok man or girl, what you said about that girl was uncalled for, you seem like quite a bitch yourself, why can't people just get over themselves and move on, who the hell cares, its a tv show. WOW everyone needs to chill out and just enjoy the show!!!!!!!!!!!

k.barrick said...

Anonymous... I can't understand your comment because of the "your" and "you're" confusion.

uncalled for or whatever your real fake name is: I like you! I was confused for a second and thought that you were calling me a bitch and I was going to say "Yes, I'm a Queen Ice Bitch! Woo-hoo! Better than being a peasant!" but I re-read it and therefore: I like you! Woo-hoo!

Like? No. I LOVE you.

Anonymous said...

I can see what started all this mess.

I am a member of the 24Imb AND enjoyed the podcast. But it effected me too. I'd visit the podcast site and see stuff like "The elitist spoiler nazi's have won." Knowing who he was talking about. There's also been other jabs here and there and some directed towards Czar. OK. so I figure Joe's pissed from getting banned from the board and maybe the fact Czar may choose to give another podcast exclusive spoilers and not Joe. I can live with that.

Then I sit down to enjoy the podcast and hear the spoiler information being quoted and even a statement like "oh, I hate when these spoilers come through like this". I need to say, that bothered me. I thought, wait a minute, Joe started all this by disrespecting the message board and Czar in the first place and now he's reading the spoiler information from the same site and guy he does not respect and acts like he doesn't know where the spoilers came from?

That's what got this whole thing going. Remember, I listened and enjoyed the podcast and overlooked Joe's dislike for the MB and Czar and I tried not to take his opinion about the 24Imb personally. But when he started reading verbatim the spoilers and knowing how Joe feels for both the message board and Czar, all this got under my skin too. This comment isn't meant as a flame, I'm just disappointed. That's all.

k.barrick said...

To the last anonymous...

Dude (and I say dude because...I can't help it regardless of gender...and because I've been drinking), preach on! Preach on, man!

Again, I'm not aware of the full circumstances and am purely indirectly...actually, I'm COMPLETELY NOT involved. But THAT POST! THAT POST was great. You're right. NOT a flaming post. Just a honest one.

Hope you send it to Joe in an e-mail as well. Last anonymous... I love you! A little less that the other guy but still... love.

Did I mention that I'm drinking?

Joe said...

the last comment.. no not flaming but incorrect.. i didnt start making references to CZAR until he started taking jabs at me...

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