Session 5 is up!! Hours 11a-Noon

We set up some forums for ya!! (Thanks Josh!!)
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    Cognizant said...

    You make good points about the script being hard to say act out loud but Kiefer really makes the role his own. The thing about him is he's quite subtle in showing his character's desperation and thoughts, there's no over the top body language or facial expressions, its all in the eyes. And of course the trademark "Sonofabitch!" cursing.

    I liked this podcast better than the ones so far, you're definitely getting into the groove of things now, keep up the good work.

    P.S - could you talk about next week's previews in the spoiler section? Yeah, I'm a picky bastard I know. :P

    Turon said...

    hey man, yeah great podcast, def keep up the good work. but keep the previews with the spoilers!

    Casey Donohue said...

    I feel like a celebrity! Awesome podcast once again, and congrats on the TV-J job! Please keep us posted, the live factor of it sounds really interesting.