'nuff said!! Also stay tuned... something big is coming... /joe


Casey Donohue said...

Hey Joe, I love your podcast. I was actually toying with the idea of making my own after watching the premeire (it would be 50% 24 50% others stuff like video games, books, etc.). THen I found yours and it has made me want to make my own even more. I'd say "can I cohost" but I have to many commitments, not to mention I'm only 15.

Just one thing that's been bothering me, during the 2nd or so podcast, you said you'd let us know where you got the music, but you havent yet (unless I missed it completely and that would be my fault). Who is it? I have no intentions of using it, I just wanted to know so maybe I can download it.

Also, I love your signoff "im joe, and i like 24". Basic, but cool.

~Casey D.

Casey Donohue said...

EDIT**: Joe, i tried to skype you but the netmeeting thing said your username was not to be found or some other crazy stuff. Maybe that's why you aren't getting skypes.

~casey d.

Joe said...

casry you need to use skype, not net meeting.. skype is free and you can get it at http://skype.com and just setup an account, its free too. The music is by Sean Callary, and the 'other' music is a U2 bootleg/working tape/ that i found a while ago, it ws marked vertigo, but it is most certainly not the Vertigo on the album... Thanks for listening!!

Casey Donohue said...

Okay, i see what was wrong. I clicked the Skype link, and it opened the netmeeting program I have. I didn't realize you had to download the skype program seperately, I thought clicking that link would DL everything I needed. THanks, expect a message.