Session 7 will be late :(

I'm sooooooo sorrry guys, I should have it up mid day tomorrow, but I had some serious audio issues and had to re-encode like 5 or 6 times. GOOD NEWS is, I have a VERY VERY SPECIAL guest, who hasn't even watched an episode this season, but is hooked now and will start watching soon. Darren Kitchen Click on the image to check out the Hak.5 crew, they have IMO the best IPTV thing going on... Consistently pushing out good material. These guys know there stuff, and more importantly Darren is an overall great guy, and he loves 24. So Darren and I talked about 24 (eh-hem) for about 2 hours and then my horrible Skype recorder (power grammo) freaked out and pushed the audio out at like 3X speed, so I had to manually convert the file and use effects to slow it down to the proper speed. Unfortunatley I did not know what that was so I had to try, try, try again, and then try 2 more times before I got it right. But anyway, I will try to mix down some audio, and edit together a solid 30 minutes or so for your listening pleasure tomorrow. I promise it won't happen again!! Joe PS if you guys like what you hear from Darren, let me know... he might be interested in becoming a 'once-in-awhile' regular!

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