ok... now I'm just tired of it.... or I am Jack's 'over it' emotion!

I have had a little rough patch with my web services, and it turns out I've been hacked. I have no proof, of who, but I think I know, and I'm just tired of it. I no longer care about my iTunes rating, so if you must write false, mean things go ahead. Make my podcast a one star rating... I am over it. Fans of this podcast have stuck with me and we have all enjoyed the ride. So here what has been done.... 1.Click the banner on my site, which is directed to http://24podcast.net , you'll notice that it takes you to a parked web page site... I have conacted them multiple times and they will not change the park for at least awhile as they investigate the request to re-direct the site to a parked placeholder. So I ask you too use the "backdoor" to this site from now on.. (or at least awhile) which is http://24podcast.blogspot.com 2.iTunes rankings manipulation. As this is very hard to explain (i don't fully understand it)I will just say, I DID NOT NOR WOULD I EVER MANIPULATE MY RANKINGS.... So rank me low or high I don't care. All I want to do is make a podcast that people enjoy. I much rather have thousands of emails, voicemails, forums postings or even my space comments than rank high on some ratings board or system that can be manipulated. I am not doing this to make money, I have other websites setup for that, this is because I love the show 24, and I like to talk about it! I did take pride in the fact that at points it seems as I was number one, of course that feels good. But this added frustration of people taking the time to hack my domain, play with rankings, etc.. its just not worth it. I JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN MAKING THIS SHOW FOR FANS OF 24 AND SELFISHLY... MYSELF!! So I encourage you to use something like Thunderbird for a RSS feed reader to listen to this podcast. I also post the embedded player on this site and the My Space site. The whole RSS fedd reader thing might be a little intimadating at first, but it really is easy once you get it working. I use mine for so much stuff... its the way I recieve ALL my news and interests. NO MATTER WHAT I WILL NOT STOP DOING THIS PODCAST. BECAUSE.... My Name is Joe, and I like 24. Please send voicemails, 206-600-JACK, emails , visit the Forums, place yourself on the Frappr Map... and PLEASE!!! ENJOY THE PODCAST, AS MUCH AS I ENJOY DOING IT!!! Joe


Justin B said...

Keep up the good work, Joe. I'm on the frapper map now finally. Not much to do in Missouri except watch 24, and make delicious Breyers Icecream.

BTW, how is that deal with doing a video show going that you talked about earlier?

Anonymous said...

maybe you were scammed by one of those domain registrars. they fool you into thinking that you need to update your account info and then they steal your domain name and sell it.

Justin Bohannon said...

Joe, is that the headset/mic that you use to record your podcast? Can you give us some technical details on the equipment/software that you use to make your podcast?

Also, careful with your laptop, buddy. One wrong move by a pet, and bye bye thinkpad.

Anonymous said...

hey justin... click the pic.. and you might be in for a suprise!!!

jamie said...

the question is... WHAT WOULD JACK BAUER DO?

thanks for your work on the podcast!
love to know what you think about the WWJBD? (link above)
take care and enjoy the new ep tonight!

Blogger said...

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