Session 8 SOLO!!!

SOOOOO.. I;m not sure if the in browser player works but you can always subscribe via iTunes!! UPDATE: I Uploaded a separate file just for this player... are you guys using this? If not let me know, no use in wasting space!! New stuff this week.. new voice mail PHONE number!!!! 206-600-JACK ,you can call from ANY phone, ANY TIME!!! I will be able to get your voice mail and if you ask a good question or leave a great comment it will be played on air!! Also Orlando from mySpace sent me a link to The Sentinel.. a movie which I am not sure if I like or not... Once again THANK YOU ALL!! I love doing this show!!! Next week I will make sure its in MP3 format for all of you!! But for this week here is a direct download link... sorry for the inconvience.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

Been enjoying your podcast and have even subscribed to it on iTunes. I've just read some of the reviews of your podcast on the iTunes Music Store and honestly have to agree with the most recent comment posted by Anonymous. I think the show is great when you just talk about the recent episode. The roundtable was a bit off-putting for me and last week's special guest would have been a lot better if Darren had actually watched an episode this season, eh? Only a third of the way through the season so I'm sure your podcast will improve with each week. Keep it up!

Mike Campbell said...

Thats awesome about Frusciante doing music for the show. I love the Peppers and i hear they are going to be releasing a two disk cd this year that should be great.

Love the podcast. You should talk more about your own thoughts of the show, not just recap.

thats an article about Kim and many other's return this year if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

I've been subscribed to the podcast, but I use an mp3 player, not an ipod...so the m4-whatever file you used this time is useless for me. (I could listen at my computer, but that's inconvenient.)

dustdaughter said...

Hi Joe,

This is Didi. I left a voice mail on your new phone line and added a new review to iTunes. If you have any guest spot positions open, I'd like to tryout. My email is dustdaughter@gmail.com.