Some New Stats...

So.. there is some plain old raw numbers... I am so happy with them, and I appreciate every single one of ya!! THANK YOU!! BUT... on iTunes I am taking a beating... becasue of some unknown 'annon' user who writes stuff like..
Soooo.. if you guys feel this way please give me some more calls via Skype, more suggestions on how to make things better. Some things I am changing.... Music will be MUCH lower during the talking part. MORE roundtables, maybe a regular time every other week. more reflection in the spoilers and recap Once again THANKS!!! Lets keep it going!!!


Amryn said...

Annon should probably try making a podcast before he/she talks. Keep up the good work.

Bobbo said...

Anon threw me away from the podcast until I actually listened to it and realized that it didn't reflect reality. The negative power of the internet, I suppose.

But one piece of input: don't just lower the music, I would drop it! It's very annoying and you don't need it. The talk stands up for itself ... the music distracts.