We are all a bunch of techies!!

Going through some figure on Google Analytics, and realized that we are a techie bunch! As you can see by the extracted info below, we are using Firefox more than any other browser, by allot! If you arent using Firefox, you should!! But I thought it was neat that we are all a bunch of techies, I know I am!! And oh yeah, heres a bonus spoiler episode!! HAHAHA!!! Don't forget to call on the new voice mail 206-600-JACK Don't forget the Forums And of course don't forget the map.... AAANNNNDDDD were on My Space too!! One more thing... My Dr. told me last night, that I have tonsilitis. I dont know if that the correct spelling, but I think you know what I mean. So that throat issue I have been having for about 5 weeks now, I finally have the diagnosis, and hopefully the medicine I am taking will finally make the pain go away. Which means for you guys a better, more focused, and hopefully longer podcast. I hopefully will no longer need to edit the show so much cause of my coughing fits, and losing my voice issues. HERE'S TO MODERN MEDICINE!! YAY!! Joe


Chris Hill said...

Hey. I was looking at that Sentinal movie. Its not a Jack Bauer moive. Infact, this is what it says:

Kiefer Sutherland .... David Breckinridge

David Breckinridge is his characters name. Sorry all =/

Joe said...

Hey Chris I know its not a Jack Bauer movie, I mentioned it to say I hope Kiefer doesn't get typecast into a Jack Bauer type role.

Chris Hill said...

Oh I'm sorry. I misunderstood what you said on the show then ^_^;; Sorry about that.