Session 10... I apologize... I am sorry... ????

I feel this is one of the worst sessions i have done.. I love the voicemail part, but the audio quality came out pretty bad... sorry... I'll do better this weekend...

Wow.. a couple of posts ago you may rememeber me being a bit bitter about the whole iTunes system thing... it still feels good when things like this happen... I made the New & Notable on the iTunes Music Store front page!


SAM said...

24 the game

from SAM, Chicago, IL

All right, I have the game. Don´t ask me how I got it, it´s NOT the w@r3z3d beta leaked some weeks ago, it´s the full real thing, I played all of it; all questions welcome on this thread.

Before anything else, some information: * SPOILER FREE *

. Game is not a masterpiece, but a MUST-play if you are a 24 fan ( likely everyone on this board, heheh ) - it´s VERY faithful to the show, not only the plot but also in the games' look and feel );

. Missions: Third person shooting/Stealth missions are the longest ones; some driving missions can take a while as well, puzzle missions are pretty short/easy; interrogation missions are linear but nicely designed IMO. A lot of missions ARE hard to complete with the "unlock rating" ( more below ) - beating them using lots of health / low accuracy won´t hold back any seasoned gamer tho.

. Unlocks: You have to beat a mission with >90% to unlock the extra for that mission; there are 3 categories:

( PSEUDO-SPOILER -> I will write about some of the bonuses here, so if you plan finding out on your own, skip to "replayability" - no gameplay spoilers tho ) :

3D Models - the 'main unlockables', 3D models of several characters, zoomable. Not very interesting, but some of them are nice to look at - for example, Chloe looks just great, heheh.

Pictures - Some drawings of main characters - Jack Bauer, Kim Bauer, Tony and Michelle (together) are the three I have seen. Nice to look at, but just once.

Movies - There are 5 of them and THESE make the pursuit for the unlockables worth! The 3 I unlocked so far are: interview with Reiko about the game, interview with Carlos about the game, and a "TV AD" for season 2 rendered with the game engine. Really great. The interviews are high-quality MPEG2 video, nicely edited with the questions showing up in true '24 style'.

Replayability: Other than replaying the missions you still didn´t get the bonuses, I don´t really see a lot of replayability. There are no secrets/sidequests, however some of the best missions can be replayed simply for fun.

Characters: Without spoiling anything, the characters you will control more are Jack and Chase; Tony, Michelle and Kim will move under your analog stick as well

Jason J. Thomas said...

One small comment, Joe. Would it be possible to get some sort of show notes that contain the links you mention? I am normally listening in the car or at the gym, so I am obviously away from the computer when these links are mentioned. If you can do that or add them to your links list, I would be most appreciative.

Kate said...

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